Hello there, Miners! ✌️

How did you like our Birthday Party? 🎉 Hope everyone enjoyed it just like we did! 🤩

One of the special 4th Anniversary Events — RollerCoin Anniversary Contest is now over and we are ready to announce the long awaited results! 💯

More than 5 hundreds of wonderful arts and amazing stories were sent to us during last week! Thanks to all the talented Rollers for your participation!

It’s always so hard for us to pick the winners among all the wonderful works 😲 so this time the best works have been chosen by our Community in Discord 🔥

Without any further ado, let’s welcome our winners! 👏

Art Contest 

The fifth place and 150 RLT award goes to ADAMAN and her little cute Birthday Hamster! 

The fourth place and 200 RLT reward goes to bronzino

Is he going to create a new super powerful mining machine? Who knows 😉

The third place is for Vishow 😏 Congratulations! Your 250 RLT award is waiting for you 🎉

The second place and 300 RLT goes to Artista and his beautiful artwork called “RLT rain”

And finally, meet the first place winner — NETOROBATTO 💥

No words are needed — this is an absolute masterpiece! Congratulations to the winner, your Premium Event Pass is already in your mining room! 

Writing Contest 

Where did the Hamster come from? We received so many interesting versions, and every single story could be the truth! 😊

The best stories, chosen by our Community are right here 👇

The fifth place and 150 RLT goes to OliverNightmare

The Hamster was spinning in the wheel day by day. But one day, he thought: “what if the wheel turns instead of me? What if the wheel makes me rich?”. This wheel was the first miner, and was the beginning of a great adventure that united millions of Rollers around the world.

The fourth place and 200 RLTGesives! Perhaps it’s the simple truth, who knows 😁

Well…eh..uh, you see… When a hamster loves so so much another hamster….no.. no.. eeeh you know, the bees…uuh.. and the flowers…mmmm….don´t you prefer a roller-cookie kid?

The third place and 250 RLT award goes to DavidPD 👏

Legend has it that in the ancient lands of Rollertopia our favorite Hamster was born with the name of Rolleroshi Nakafomo. Since childhood he felt the desire to help people and have fun at the same time. Then he remembered the conversations with his great friend Satoshi Nakamoto and was inspired by the knowledge that he had shared with him. And that’s how he brought our favorite mining game RollerCoin to light.

The second placeVicenteValentino 💫 What a wonderful poem! Your 300 RLT reward is waiting for you!

In the pixel forest he grows
Between codes and leds he knows
That cryptos are the only way
He spreads the coins day by day

And finally, congratulations to the first place winner —  J0rd1 🎉 

The civilization of Cryptonia, a prosperous and peaceful planet of hamsters located in a remote galaxy, disappeared due to an alien cyberattack that destroyed its Internet. However, one of these hamsters called Rolls managed to escape by digitizing itself and entering a blockchain chain that traveled through the universe until he reached our metaverse.

A planet inhabited by cute Hamsters 🐹 Maybe some of them will visit their brother one day, who knows 😍 Thanks for this amazing story, your Premium Event Pass is on your account!

Well, what is his name?

So many cute names for our little buddy, but the best one was chosen by you, Rollers!

Let me introduce you to Satoshi Hamstermoto 🐹 Was he named after a great Bitcoin developer, or is it just a coincidence? 🤔

This name was suggested by both SlojMcBoy and BTCMidas, so your 200 RLT rewards are on your accounts! 🤑

More Events and Contests coming soon!

Thanks again to all the participants for your amazing works, it was a true pleasure to watch and read them!

The players participating in the Discord voting will also receive small RLT rewards for their arts and stories 😍

More contests and giveaways are coming very soon, so stay tuned not to miss them 🔥👇