Season 11 just started, but that’s not all the surprises we prepared for you! 🎅🎄
A bunch of cool events are on the way! 👇

What Hamster Claus Prepared For You?

  • BitTRXer miner. Feel the TRX power with 204,000 Gh/s + 1% Bonus!
  • CryptoGroove is coming back! All in DOGE Style 🐶
  • Merry Medley Event. Collect a Christmas postcard full of sweet rewards!

BitTRXer: Feel The TRX Power!

Meet the ultimate hero of this December, Rollers!

🔺 204,000 Gh/s of power + 1% Bonus for 54.99 TRX only 😱
❗️ The stock is 2500 miners for all! 

All in red, this miner will look so good under your virtual Christmas tree 🎄😉
Coming Dec 18 👀

CryptoGroove: Doge Edition

Who let the dogs out, Rollers? 🐶

CryptoGroove is coming BACK! All in new style 😏
Which means…

📦 Three Cases, containing two Legendary Rewards 👑 each!

🤑 Up to 4000 DOGE 🤑
🌟 A.M.P.F.Y miner with 9 999 000 Gh/s power + 9.99% Bonus 🌟

Time for the new RollerLegends to be born. Will you become one of them? 😉
Will see on Dec 19 👀

Merry Medley Event

Don’t forget to check your mail boxes  ✉ 🎄
A special Christmas Postcard from Hamster is already on the way!

During the whole Merry Medley Event you will:

  • Complete special tasks and gather your Christmas Postcard, piece by piece.
  • Get TWO types of rewards at the same time!

🌟 Progression Rewards. Fill in the progression by completing tasks and get a present for each completed level!
🎄 Christmas Postcard Gifts. Each completed task will open a random piece of Christmas Card, containing a precious reward!

By finishing all the tasks, you’re guaranteed to claim all rewards. But even by completing just a few, you still have a chance to grab the biggest rewards!

The Event starts on Dec 21, don’t miss it 😉

Let’s make this Christmas season one filled with joy and power! 🎄💪
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