Hello Rollers

Today we have pulled out the latest feature on RollerCoin – multi-referral update. Although we have had multi-mining for a while, referral commissions were received only for BTC transactions. A lot of you have been asking for it and now it’s live: Rollers can now receive their referral commissions from RLT token purchases and store purchases made with RLT. Also, referrals now receive their commission from DOGE and ETH mining as well!

We have updated the stats so it will be easier to track your referral income in every coin separately. As usual, all your income for the day is calculated the next day.

Another good news is that Rollers have mined a total of 4.90 BTC already! Besides that, we have decided to nominate our top 100 referral users and award them with bonuses. More info about this will be provided later, stay safe, stay tuned, miners!