Sup, Rollers? 🐹

We want to thank everyone for your reports regarding the new Metagame 2.0 Update 🤝 We checked them carefully 🔎 and made some changes!

Here are some latest improvements our dev team has made recently 👇 

19.09 – Metagame 2.0 Hotfix #1

RLT spent while crafting is now counted to “Spend RLT Token” Daily Quest
Fixed: When selling a miner, its Bonus Power is removed from the total %, even if the player still has the same type of miner in the mining room.
This bug still persists for old purchases, but it will also be fixed soon.
✔ “Complete 7 Daily Quests” task was added to Daily Quests
✔ The reward for completing ”Make 10 Merges” Daily Quest was changed to 10 RST 

14.09 – Metagame 2.0 Update Release

Marketplace v0.1 Released

✔ Miners, Parts, and Racks are now available for sale
✔ Added a 5% charge for every sale 
✔ Added 1% referral commission from sellers

❗Crafting is now renamed to Merge

✔ UI of Merge Page was redesigned considering all the latest changes
✔ All the old Crafting recipes were reworked 
✔ The new Merge recipes require RLT charges now
✔ Old 1-start miners have become Legacy miners and no longer obtainable now
✔ Added 1065 new Merge recipes
✔ Added new recipes for Parts merging 
✔ Added Uncommon and Epic Parts

❗Added new currencies for mining: Roller Season Token (RST) and TRON (TRX)

✔ RST Block Reward: 150
✔ TRX Block Reward: 60
✔ TRX deposits and withdrawals will be added in a new Big Update

Store Updates

✔ Added a new Trophies tab, now players can set/remove trophies from their mining rooms
✔ Added a new Season Store tab with items available for purchase with RST only
✔ New Daily/Weekly Quests were added to the Home page
✔ New banners reflecting current events were added to the Home page

Season 6 Release

XP rewards and number of XP for each level had been reworked
✔ Added an ability to gain XP from in-game events 
✔ The list of Daily Quests was updated
✔ Added new miners, Hats and Room Skins 
✔ Added Hamstermoto’s Workshop Event
✔ Minor localization fixes were made
✔ Maintenance page was reworked
✔ Added “Complete a Task” event quest
✔ Added “Make 10 Merges” event quest
✔ Added “Complete 9 Daily Quests” event quest

Even more fixes and improvements are about to come, Rollers, so keep your eyes on our socials 👀