Long time no see, Miners! 😉 Our October Patch Notes are now live!

The full list of fixes and changes 📋 can be found below 👀👇

📌 14.10 — Play-Trade-Craft Update Release


  • Load More” button has been removed from the Buy and My Orders tabs (Marketplace Page) for the mobile version
  • The level of merged miners is now showed on all the pages of Marketplace
  • An error text which pops up when a purchase of certain Event Pass levels failed has been changed
  • Backend fixes have been made to speed up the work of Marketplace


  • “Go to Marketplace” button is not shown when having missing components for Merging 
  • An error pops up when trying to buy a large number of Parts on the Marketplace
  • An error pops up when trying to buy an item from Weekly Offers 
  • Quests are being incorrectly displayed when switching between Daily and Weekly Quests Tabs
  • An amount of RLT in the “Spend RLT” Task is increasing with the Multiplier increase
  • Incorrect display of BTC balance in the Income Stats tab (My Profile Page)
  • Incorrect display of the balance after claiming rewards from Daily/Weekly Quests
  • Merge button remains active even if the player doesn’t have enough RLT for merging
  • When trying to edit a selling price of the item, the price is not being updated
  • Auto-display button remains active even when there are no active spots on the shelves in the player’s mining room

📌 Season Pass Changes

  • Reward for “Invite your Friend” Event Quest has been temporarily increased from 20 XP to 100 XP (till November 3).

📌 Daily/Weekly Quests Changes

  • Number of merges needed in the “Make 10 Merges” Daily Quest has been changed to 20 merges
  • “Complete 11 Weekly Quests” Weekly Quest has been changed to “Complete 10 Weekly Quests” 
  • The reward for “Complete 10 Weekly Quests” Weekly Quest has been increased from 5 to 10 RLT
  • The rewards for “Merge a Miner” Weekly Quest has been changed from 100 RST to 50 RST

📌 Season Store Changes

The Cases from Season Store have been renamed:

  • Craft Parts Case → Common Parts Case
  • Community Case → Magic Beasts Case

Common Parts Case contents have also been updated 👇

1500x Common HashboardLegendary
1500x Common WireLegendary
1500x Common FanLegendary
800x Common HashboardEpic
800x Common WireEpic
800x Common FanEpic
700x Common HashboardRare
700x Common WireRare
700x Common FanRare
600x Common HashboardCommon
600x Common WireCommon
600x Common FanCommon

More fixes and improvements are about to come, Rollers, so keep your eyes on our socials 👀