Hey there, Rollers! 👋

🐹 Hamster returns to you with small updates that are already shows up in the game starting today 🙌

So let’s keep up and take a quick view on them in our new Patch Notes 🤓

What you need to know on Electricity

As you know, today Rollercoin is moving to a new electricity format, which you may have learned about in our latest Dev Diaries vol.7 👈

To make it short, in order to improve the existing electricity system we’re adding the recharge mechanic and the new item – Batteries item in the Season Store.

So players have 5 energy cells. One cell is removed every 24 hours ⚡

Energy can be restored by recharging it with Batteries 🔋

One battery is needed to recharge one energy cell (which means 5 batteries are needed for 5 cells).

You can check out Dev Diaries again for more detailed info but here we focus on 👀

Price on Batteries
Prices for batteries remain the same as stated in Dev Diaries vol.7

Changes in Daily Quests

We heard our community feedback and decided to significantly reduce the number of games in tasks so now it’s

🕹️ Win 15 games Win 10 games

🕹️ Win 30 games Win 20 games

🕹️ Win 70 games Win 50 games

The amount of RST rewards has not changed in general 👍

Changes in Weekly Quests

In Weekly Quests number of games also decreased proportionally

🕹️ Win 150 games Win 100 games

🕹️ Win 350 games Win 250 games

We’ve also slightly increased the rewards in the RST for quests relative to those that are shown in Dev Diaries vol.7 😎

Please note that these changes will apply on Monday 29th ☝️

Preparing for RollerCoin’s Birthday

The Big RollerСoin Birthday Party is about to start, you will find out all the details this Saturday 💯

In the meantime, we all need to prepare for it, so starting today there will be a small Aperitif Before the Party Sale where you get to claim some cool daily rewards in the next five days 🤑

So stay tuned for this Saturday for more good news and Events 💫