Hey, Hey, Rollers! 🌸

Ready for another delicious batch of game improvement news from the RollerCoin team? 👏

Sit back and dive into the new Patch Notes! 🔖👇

Task Wall Updates

Catch the new and convenient structure of the Task Wall!

📌 The Main page of the section displays a banner of your place on the Leaderboard and possible steps to success which are called “How To Get STARTED?”.

🗂 Meet new sections:

📌 Featured Offers — priority offers carefully selected by our partners especially for you.
📌 Offerwalls — the logos of integrated networks are displayed here. Clicking on it opens a link to the corresponding task from the list.
📌 Surveys — the logos of the survey networks are displayed here. Click to open a survey from our partners from the list.

Task Wall Leaderboard

The Leaderboard is a weekly ranking of users by the amount earned in offers 🏆

🗂 How does it work?

📌 The Leaderboard is represented by a table in which users are sorted by the number of points they have earned in a week.
📌 Each RLT received from tasks will get you Points to the leaderboard.
📌 Prizes are determined for specific places in the tournament table.
📌 At the end of the week, when the timer runs out, the counters will be reset to zero and you will be rewarded for your place.

The New Task Wall Providers

🔖 We are pleased to announce that we have implemented the new Task and Survey provider for our Rollers — Ayet  

But that’s not all! 

🔖 More opportunities ahead! Expect two more new Task and Survey providers later this week:

  1. Adgem 
  2. Theoremreach

Solana Deposits & Withdrawals

You’ve been waiting for that for so long, just like we have!

📌 Solana deposits and withdrawals are now available on the site!

Please note, that Solana deposits may experience delays in processing. Our team is working to fix it ASAP

Crypto Quest 

As the name suggests, Crypto Quest is a new kind of Weekly Quest that can be rewarded in the CRYPTO, more interesting and exclusive rewards! ☝️

This quest needs more of a challenge for Rollers, but the reward is worth it 🤤💸

Even More To Come: Meet Old Events in the New Format!

Even more changes are just around the corner, Rollers! 

Some well-known popular events are gonna be fully updated! Even more miners in Weekly Offers and a completely new format for the Progression Event – you will totally love it! 😎

Stay tuned for more!