Yo, Rollers! 🐹❤️

The Hamster is here once again to bring you amazing news about a new batch of improvements, made by our Team!  🙌

Check out our new Patch Notes 🔖 – bet you’ll love ‘em!

Your Crypto Safer Than Ever!

You invest your time and effort (at least!) into building the Mining Empire, and surely you don’t want to lose it by being hacked. And now we implemented the long-awaited Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to assure that nobody steals your account! ☝️

Now to the details:

📌 How Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Works

  • You can find the “2FA” button in the Personal Info tab, where you can enable and configure this function.
  • Entering the game, confirming withdrawals and restoring the password will go through an additional code (attention – no links, only the code!). Don’t share it with anyone! 💪 

2FA will keep your account safe 🛡️ and impossible to hack. Better safe than sorry 😇

📌 Marketplace Improvements

  • The pricing system has been reworked, so say farewell to wrong or too low prices!
  • Price recalculation bug is now fixed, so increasing/decreasing the number of trade items is working fine now.

With this patch, trading on the Marketplace became more convenient. A recalculation fix does not allow one to make a purchase while prices are being calculated. The purchases have become faster and more transparent.

Stay Tuned!

There are still many changes for the better ahead – that’s for sure! Our Team is working on improvements every day for the sake of our Rollers’ joy! 🦋💫

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