How’s it going, Rollers? 🐹

Metal Mayhem is finally coming to an end 🏁 It was a great run and truly remarkable season 🥲

But the fun doesn’t stop there 😎 As you may already know, the next season of RollerCoin is ready and coming hot very soon 🔥 Check out the Season 9 teaser and participate in the 🎉 Giveaway 🎉 to win amazing prizes in crypto 💰

And now let’s take a quick look at what coming with it 👇

🌍 A Whole New Event Pass

Every new season comes with new set of Event Pass miners 💥 and this season is no exception 😏 Gain world wide mining power with these incredible miners collected from all around the world 🏞️

Katsuhito10 (Gh/s)
Missionaries40000 (Gh/s)
Country Loading…50500 (Gh/s)
Inclusion Miner71400 (Gh/s)
Treasure Hunter94500 (Gh/s)
Dalaminer116600 (Gh/s)
Kako Mati149800 (Gh/s)
Knight Bus181500 (Gh/s)
JaFan227550 (Gh/s)
Osmond’s Stamp369600 (Gh/s)

🌍 Pack Of New Event Miners

A stack of amazing summer vibes miners 🌆  from our latest Miners Art Contest will keep your room cool and easy 🫠 Look at these bad boys right here 👇 😎

Sun-kissed Shores825000 (Gh/s)
Breezy Bay20400 (Gh/s)
Island Escape96000 (Gh/s)
Miami Vice63000 (Gh/s)
Tropicana44720 (Gh/s)
Miami Mirage27200 (Gh/s)
Flamingo Fiesta20280 (Gh/s)
Paradise Pier20020 (Gh/s)
Palm Breeze19760 (Gh/s)
Sunseeker19500 (Gh/s)

🌍 Season Store Update

A whole new content and new prices for miners in the Store 🛒 Collect all the passes 🎟️ and take an unforgettable trip around the globe 🌏🤩

Hawaii Pass792000 (Gh/s)
Indonesia Pass360000 (Gh/s)
Paris Pass162000 (Gh/s)

🌍 Battery Auto-Recharge System

Yes, the title says it 💥 The first cool feature of the next season is the Batteries Auto-Recharge system 🔋

Simply put, when you purchase an Event Pass (Premium or Complete) and you have at least one battery, you will have auto-discharge of batteries and auto-replenishment of electricity ⚡

More details about this feature will be provided in the next Season 9 Launch blog 📖

So stay tuned, don’t forget to spend all the RST and get ready for a big Around the World trip 😉 ✈️