Yo Miners 👋

Oh, once again you literally shocked us with your ideas 😮 It was a brand-new Miner Art Contest 🌟 we introduced more serious rules, because honest art is the main thing☝️

You showed us some talent and we can’t put it into words how much you make us happy! Thank you for your persistence and creativity! 🦋💫

So here they are — the best of the best! 🧚‍♀️ Their masterpieces will surprise you too!👇

No More Words — Only Winners! 🌟

Miner Name Rarity Prize
Queen of Spin by HELMER Legendary$1000 + 5000 RST
The Minercracker by PetterCh Epic$850 + 5000 RST
Cathouse Miner by AKHR Epic$750
Christmas Courier by Clauxter Rare$550 + 5000 RST
Roy and Silo by Asmita Rare$500
Snowster-9001 by parzival Rare$450 + 5000 RST
Sweets Stealer by Ravell Common$300
White Christmas by Asmita Common$250
Merry Dancers by AsepSyf Common$200
Gingerbread House by Kaizaki Common$150

Breathtaking, isn’t it? 🙌

Therefore, such talents receive a corresponding crypto-reward! 💸 Also, these miners will be included in the new Season 7 Community Case 🥳

Congratulations, you have really golden hands!

Event Miners

New сontest — new rules 💫

This time, we decided to expand the list of winners by opening the category of miners that we will use in our various events during the Season 7 🤩

Therefore, we will meet these masterpieces in the game more than once 👀

Shaolin Temple by PetterCh$150 + 5000 RST
Year of Rabbit by parzival$150 + 5000 RST
Mascarada by parzival$150 + 5000 RST
RollerBumbo by PetterCh$150 + 5000 RST
Paddy’s Pub by Asmita$150
Leprecoin by Dean Walter$150

All the winners of this category will receive rewards in crypto 🤑

Honorable Mentions

How difficult it was to choose the winners, because you rarely meet so many cool works! 🥺

So catch even more masterpieces that really deserve to be recognized! 🌟

Our congratulations and a pleasant bonus from the Hamster 🐹 in the form of RLT 🎁

Goldkeeper by AKHR100 RLT
Spookster by Ravell100 RLT
The Irish Roller by frank wakuang100 RLT
Ice Roller-T by parzival100 RLT + 5000 RST
Fire Breath Roller by Dean Walter100 RLT
Maneki-Neko by HELMER100 RLT + 5000 RST
Yin Yang Koi by Clauxter100 RLT + 5000 RST
Pulse Miner by Asmita100 RLT + 5000 RST
Emperor’s Salute by Meyort100 RLT
Xmaster by Mayc100 RLT

Special Category: Gem Master 💎

Here are Special category miners that we’ve been amazed by 🤯 They look like they come from their own unique metaverse. Check out these beauties 🤩

Miners by Lamb Quinn

So magnificent that they deserved a separate category ☺️

Documented Processes of Birth of Masterpieces 🐣

Many of our contestants have documented ✍️ their creation process and there is one special mention that deserves to be looked into🧐 Full unfolded documentation of the creation process with comments and even screenshots 💪 This may come in handy for those who want to try themselves for the first time in future contests☝️👀

What’s Next?

Thank you for investing your time and skills in RollerCoin 🙏✨ We are developing together with you and it is really gratifying! 😌

Stay in touch, watch how these miners will appear on our screens and be sure to participate in various events from the Hamster 🙌

The new season promises a bunch of new emotions and rewards! 🧚👇

Please note that all the rewards will be given out with the new Season release later today 😇