Hello, Rollers! 🐹

Two weeks ago, we launched a special Art Contest for those who have always dreamed of creating their own mining machine and watching it takes place on the shelves of hundred players 💫

More than 3 thousand miner designs were sent by our players during these weeks 😱 We want to thank every participant for their great artworks, that was a true pleasure to watch them 😍

The number of good designs were so big, that we needed quite a lot of time to choose the best ones 🤔

Without further interruption, meet our winners! 🏆

The MinertaurKeimax
The Black PearlColz
AnubisAlbert Weiss
Golden FleeceLuukk
OuroborosShannon Jackson
The LeyakDennis Burris

Congratulations to the winners! 🎉 Their miners will be will be included in an exclusive Loot Box, which will go on sale with the start of Season IV 💫

There are even more excellent designs!

There are still so many good designs that didn’t take the winner’s place but are still worth to be seen and awarded that we decided to add one more category to the Contest 👇

Honorable mentions:

MedusaRandall Gaines
MechanismShannon Jackson

Thor HammerRowstyler
The KrakenDean Walter
Pandora’s BoxLuken
ConstellationHooper Bowen
Pandora’s BoxHELMER
Hungry SphinxLeLamp

All the winners of this category will receive 100 RLT awards for their awesome work 😍 Congratulations, guys! 🎊

Making a selection was tough, and there are still so many good designs — just one more proof of how talented and creative are all the members of RollerFamily ❤️

We will also give small rewards in RLT to all participants who put up their best to create a unique and stylish miner design 🎁

Thanks again to all the participants, and stay tuned for even more сontests and events coming very soon 🔥