Hello, Rollers! ✌️

Well, another miners art contest has come to an end 😇 You never cease to amaze us with your creative vision and ideas that you put in your works 🤩

This time looking through your miners felt like going on Summer Vibes masterclass 😎

So here we are, in the midst of summer ☀️ honoring and admiring the best miners artwork that’ll make you feel hot and chill at the same time 🏖️

Let’s see the ones that define true Miami Sunset 🌇

Honorable Mentions

This time, we decided to start our list of winners with the important category of works worthy of attention and appreciation – Honorable Mentions 😊 Let’s take a look at these cool summer miners 👇

All these wonderful works ✨ are done by 👀

Authors of these miners will receive 250 RLT 💸 as it stated in the rules of the contest 🤝

Community Case

And now let’s take look at the TOP miner works 🔥 the 10 main winners who will be included in the future Community Case and which take the tastiest prizes of this contest 🤑

AsepSyf2500 RLT + 5000 RST
Andando1900 RLT
Dean Walter1700 RLT
CaptainMatthew1500 RLT + 5000 RST
oswaldop1300 RLT
Momoukyo1200 RLT + 5000 RST
akhlus700 RLT + 5000 RST
Serrano Collins700 RLT
Ledraf500 RLT
AsepSyf500 RLT + 5000 RST

Great job guys as always 🥳 This is what we call an Amazing Job 💪

Event Miners

The next stop – series of amazing Miners works 💫 that will be distributed amongst the upcoming Events, Crafting Offers and Sales 😉

Behold the great summer vibes! 🌆 Because soon you’re about to get 👇

For all this fine work authors will get 350 RLT for each miner added to the game  🤝

Special Gratitude

In all these works, you could notice a name that appeared more than once 🧐 So Hamster wants to give special thanks 🙌 to permanent participant of our Art Contests 🖼️ very creative Roller by the name AsepSyf  For all of his great works he’ll receive RollerFamily miner as a gratitude 🥳 Thank you, you’ve done a great job 👍

What’s Coming Next?

What’s a summer without a trip to the ocean? 😏 Get ready to go on a cruise on your own yacht in the awesome upcoming event very soon 🛥️

Thank you all for your incredible contribution to the world of RollerСoin 🐹 and for your creativity that became an integral part of the game for all these years 🥰

Stay tuned, follow our socials and get ready for an amazing trip 😉 ⛵