Joy to the world, Rollers! 🐹

It’s Christmastime, so brace yourself for the Merry Medley – a crypto celebration hotter than a snowman in July ☃️☀️Let’s unravel the digital treasures in this holiday madness! 🎄💰

Jump into the Christmas vibes until January 2, 2024

Highlights of the Event

  • A whole new type 🤩 of event in RollerCoin;
  • Two mechanics in one wrapping = two types of rewards for playing;
  • Tasks sum up! Explanation below 👇

How To Start?

1️⃣ Open the Event page, which you can find on a banner above your room, to see this:

You will see a bunch of quests, which you can do in any order you like 👍 Each quest gives you a reward 🎁 but which one? Only God of Random knows 🤷‍♀️ But they ARE good 🤑

One of the best parts is – quests SUM UP! 🎊

Example: there will be four “Win N Games” quests, where you have to win 15, 60, 135 and 240 games. And it takes a total of 240 games to win them all! 🤗

…there’s more!

☝ Each task brings you the same number of points. This means you’re free to choose your favorite tasks and the order to complete them!

2️⃣ Back to the Event page, you will see a “Claim” button.

Need more instructions?

Press it! 😜

❗️Please note that your Points won’t be credited until you press the Claim button❗️

So, the main question is – what do we get? 🤔

Two Ways to Get Rewards!

While you glide 🪁 through the tasks, your Progression Bar is filling, just like as in any other PE, and you get your rewards 🎁 But, simultaneously, you can claim your random rewards from each quest! 👀

👉 Progression Rewards;
👉 Christmas Postcard Gifts.

Progression Rewards.

At the top of the window ⬆ you’ll see a Progress Bar 📈 that fills up as you complete quests and collect your Points.

🎉 Every task gives the Progression Bar the same amount of points! 🎉

Four amazing miners await, and you just must 🚫 not miss them! 💯

Presenting in order of appearance:

Dragon’s Breath 🐉 50,000 Gh/s1,5% Bonus Power
Santa Sleigh 🛷 160,000 Gh/s2,5% Bonus Power
Candysweet 🍭250,000 Gh/s4% Bonus Power
CozyFables 📕 682,000 Gh/s5% Bonus Power

Wanna? 😉

 Christmas Postcard Gifts

Time for the Random to take part! 💪 Each task will open one of the Postcards 💜 and you will be given a Christmas present 🎁 from each one of those!

What if you get the best 💝 rewards out of the first random card you open? That is possible! 👍 What’s better – you may get it out of F2P quests! 🥳

And the cherry 🍒 on a top – the rewards you get will help you progress more and more!📈

💝 Which present is hidden under each Card? 💝

🔔 Merry Christmas, Rollers! 🔔