Howdy, Rollers! 🎮

Season 1010: RetroBit invites you to step into a time machine and explore the bygone era of 1-bit gaming 🚀

Join us on this epic adventure into the past until December 14th! 🕰️


  • A Brand-New Season Pass!
    Free and Gold Passes are waiting! Choose your one and start getting rewards!
  • TRX Deposits
  • Season Store Updates

A Brand-New Season Pass

One of the coolest updates of this Pass — free players will now receive rewards for EVERY level they complete! 🤩

No more “empty” levels for free players, just open your Free Pass and start getting your miners, bonus power and RST right now!

We’ve also completely redesigned this Season Pass to make it more convenient for our players 🙌
Let’s dive into the details 👇

Here you can check the completely redesigned page of this Season Pass 🎟

It consists of two parts:

  • Free Pass 
  • Golden Pass

Free Pass

This section of the Season Pass is entirely free!

🎮 Start completing Daily Quests and don’t forget to claim your XP once you finished each Quest;
✅ Pass the levels;
🏆 Claim your miners, trophies, bonus power and RST for EACH completed level!

Once you finished the level, you need to claim you reward 🎯
Just click the Claim button which will appear after finishing the level.

Gold Pass

Get DOUBLE the rewards for each level you pass with the Gold Pass for just 99.95 RLT!

🎮 Complete daily quests;
✅ Pass the levels;
🌟 Claim TWO rewards instead of one from both Free and Gold Passes for each completed level!

 Just press the Activate Pass button to get your Gold Pass ⤵

Once you finished the level, you need to claim your rewards 🎯
Just click the Claim button which will appear after finishing the level.

If you don’t want complete all the levels, you can always get ALL REWARDS instantly by purchasing the Complete Season Pass for just 549.90 RLT

Most hungry players can always get all Season Pass rewards three more times! Each purchase gets cheaper so getting Season Pass for the last time is 349.95 RLT 🤑

Feel The RetroBit Vibes!

This set of new retro bit-styled miners have time-traveled right from the ’90s old-school games 🕹
Get them all to complete your retro-gamer set 😎 and supercharge your mining power, of course 💪

Whatta Duck10 Gh/s
Tron98000 Gh/s
Hamster’s Enemy114000 Gh/s
Mega Maner130500 Gh/s
Donkey Kong206500 Gh/s
Asteroids240000 Gh/s
Chess274500 Gh/s
Pacminer403000 Gh/s
Ping Pong504000 Gh/s
Snake640000 Gh/s

Welcome to Pleasantville, your sweet home for the upcoming Season!
Games, booze and soft chairs — that is how the perfect life looks like, isn’t it? 😉

 TRX Deposits

The time has come, Rollers🔥
TRX deposits has become available on RollerCoin 🎉

A 35% discount on RLT is waiting all the TRX fans in the first 3 days after release 🤑

Season Store Updates

A whole new content and new prices for miners in the Store 🛒
Collect all the consoles to become the coolest Roller in town 😎

Tamagotchi195000 Gh/s
Tetromino490250 Gh/s
Game Boy1012500 Gh/s

Oh! Definitely check out Hi-Tech Community Case filled with outstanding miners from our last Hi-Tech Dreams Art Contest!🙌 You’ll be impressed by those miners for sure 💯

Take a breather from the hustle and bustle of the present and journey back to the days of our childhood  🕹️Remember to follow us on social media to stay in the loop with all the exciting updates 📲

Keep the pixels popping, Rollers! 🎮💥