Hello, Rollers 👋

We try to stay as open and transparent about the development process as possible, and your opinion influences and shapes our project. Sometimes bad things happen and we have to inform you about them as well.

We announced the release of the RollerCoin Marketplace later this month, where players could sell their miners and exchange with other players.

We have invested a lot of time and effort in its development, and we already have a working prototype on our hands.

Today, due to events that have affected the entire world, including our team, we decided to postpone the release of the Marketplace.

The current state of the Marketplace does not meet our quality standards. It is crucial for us to ensure that there are no issues that can lead to unforeseen consequences, going as far as irreversibly damaging the economy.

RollerCoin Team is based all over the world, but part of our development team is currently in Ukraine 🇺🇦
We neither have the moral right to demand anything from them nor can we ask other developers to urgently take on this work.

This delay will allow our team to give a lot more attention and polish to this feature that we see as the next important chapter in RollerCoin history, and we sincerely believe that you will love it!

We’ll keep you informed with more updates and the new release date shortly as we continue our development.

We sincerely apologize on behalf of the entire RollerCoin Team and are hoping for your understanding.

Stay safe, everyone ❤️