Ahoy, Rollers 🛟

Prepare to set sail on the high seas and join Hamster for an exclusive Luxury Yacht Club Event ⛵🤩

A big event that’ll run from July 30 to August 21 💥 where you gather your own private Yacht Club by getting nine luxury miner-yachts during various events 🔥

Gather yourself a collection of Yachts and get a unique and powerful The Big Boss miner 😎

The Big Boss (9 200 000 Gh/s)

Incredible mining power and Luxury status guaranteed with this one for sure 😏

Now let’s run through the event and see how you get it 👀 👇

That’s How It Goes

  • Collect 9 unique Miner-Yachts from July 30 to August 21 at 12:00 UTC
  • Obtain them during Progression Events, Crafting Offers and Flash Sales
  • Be sure to collect all miners by 23.08.2023 at 12:00 UTC
  • Get a FREE 9,200,000 Gh/s power miner by obtaining all 9 yachts
  • Keep a collection of 9 Miner-Yachts and Big Boss miner forever
  • You can only get one Big Boss miner per account

Anchors Up!

To get The Big Boss, you need to gather your own Yacht Club ⚓ by collecting all nine Yacht-Miners in the upcoming Progression Events, Crafting Offers and Flash Sales 🙌

Note that you’ll get Big Boss miner without crafting ☝️ All you need is to have all nine miners in your room or inventory by August 23 🤝

Now let’s see the Yacht miners that you need to collect and the events in which they can be obtained 😉

MinerPowerEventDate of Event
Quantum Velocity
(270000 Gh/s)

Rising Sun Progression EventJul 30 – Aug 06
Crystal Soar
(142500 Gh/s)

Sunset Sizzle 1 Crafting OfferAugust 01 – 08
Zafiro Runner
(133000 Gh/s)

Yacht Flash SaleAugust 04 – 08
Eclipse Elegance
(595000 Gh/s)

Sunset Sizzle 2 Crafting OfferAugust 08 – 15
Velocity Voyager
(152000 Gh/s)

Deep Blue Ocean Progression EventAugust 07 – 13
Crystal Serenity
(252000 Gh/s)

Yacht Flash SaleAugust 11 – 14
Gilded Opulence
(288000 Gh/s)

Sunset Sizzle 3 Crafting OfferAugust 15 – 21
Brilliance Bay
(680000 Gh/s)

Miami Heatwave Progression EventAugust 14 – 20
(637500 Gh/s)

Yacht Flash SaleAugust 18 – 21

❗ All collected miners should not be on the Marketplace by August 23rd❗

The sea is calling, Rollers! 🐬 Get your Big Boss miner 💪 and sail away on a wonderful holiday in style 💫 and let everyone appreciate your luxury status and incredible mining power 😎

Follow our socials so you know about every event and not miss any Yacht on your way to expanses of the sea 📲 👇