It is with immense joy and gratitude that we announce the upcoming celebration of RollerCoin’s 5th anniversary! πŸ₯³

Over the past five years, Hamster has grown big and made his way gathering around a vibrant and thriving community, thanks to your continuous support and enthusiasm. He couldn’t have come this far without you! πŸ€—

To mark this occasion, he’s throwing a big birthday party πŸŽ‰ with an exciting lineup of activities and prizes to showcase appreciation for your loyalty and contribution.

Y’all are invited, Rollers! πŸ™Œ Join this party and commemorate our journey together and look forward to an even brighter future.

The cool thing about RollerCoin birthday is that you don’t have to bring presents 😁 Moreover, you are the ones who get rewarded 🎊 

RollerFamily Referral Contest

RollerCoin is immensely grateful for your word-of-mouth recommendations and the way you have spread the joy of mining to your friends and family 😊 As part of anniversary celebrations, Hamster is organizing a weekly Referral Contest! πŸ’«

Spread the word and bring as many people as you can! Send your invitations to the party via referral link and compete with other referrers to earn exciting rewards.

The Rules are always simple:

1. Invite as many referrals as you can in the game 🀩

2. Get to the πŸ” of the Leaderboard;

3. Receive your super prizes! πŸ’°

☝️ 3 weeks in a row, the 3 players with the most referrals gathered during the Contest will receive an incredible prize set:

πŸ₯‡ 12x Afterparty miner + HoodieΒ 

πŸ₯ˆ 8x Afterparty miner + T-shirtΒ 

πŸ₯‰ 4x Afterparty miner + T-shirt

Contest dates:

🌟 Week 1: 22/05 – 28/05

πŸ† Winners of the first week πŸ†

NicknameReferrals Amount
Duffy Lee685

🌟 Week 2: 29/05 – 04/06

πŸ† Winners of the second week πŸ†

NicknameReferrals Amount
Avila Macias211

🌟 Week 3: 05/06 – 11/06

πŸ† Winners of the third week πŸ†

NicknameReferrals Amount
Avila Macias391
Mr dragon298

But wait, there’s more! 😏

Now meet the winners which brought the most referral income! πŸ†

NicknameAmount of RLT spentReward in Crypto
AndriiGolobeshko1269Β $700
Dean Duke1201$350
Holman Horton1071$150

Bring the most active players to get the best rewards 🀝

In honor of our 5th anniversary, we are unveiling a brand-new line of RollerCoin merchandise! 🀩

Now you can proudly display your love for RollerCoin with awesome Roller attires πŸ‘• Whether you’re a passionate RollerCoin player or just a regular hamster lover, our new merch collection will allow you to showcase your loyalty in style 😎

Stay tuned for the launch, as there will be limited edition items available! And don’t worry πŸ˜‰ We will contact every Winner of RollerCoin Merch via email to clarify all the details 🀝

Birthday Party Activities

A whole month of Anniversary celebration with lots of fun coming down! πŸ’₯ A whole month of activities and amusements! It’s gonna be a looong party, Rollers! 😏

So make sure you and your friends will stay for πŸ‘‡

Week 1: Bitcoin Pizza Week πŸ•

To kick off the festivities, let’s start with the Bitcoin Pizza Week Art Contest! πŸ–ΌοΈΒ 

As a tribute to the early days of Bitcoin, when Laszlo Hanyecz famously bought two pizzas with 10,000 BTC 🀯 Hamster invites you to showcase artistic skills in a contest for the best RollerCoin avatar 🐹
All you need to do is create an avatar playfully showing Hamster and Pizza on your art πŸ˜„Β 

5 best artworks will get wonderful prizes, and the best one will be put up for an official RollerCoin art for a whole month until the birthday goes by! πŸ”₯

Week 2: AMA Session + Party Events

The second week is a time to get to know RollerCoin better with an AMA Session where you will ask all the burning questions about RollerCoin Future to our admins, devs and game designers! πŸ˜‰πŸ€

But that is not all! 😏  Two weeks of amazing events where you will receive rewards daily by crafting special miners in Craft Hard Event 🦾 Β and complete exciting Event Quests! Stay Tuned and look for more Info in our socials πŸ“±

Week 3: RollerBirthday Quiz

The third week is a RollerCoin Quiz week ✌️ Every day during the week you will be challenged with tricky questions 😏 on Twitter and Discord about RollerCoin. You’ll need to answer them in the comments and get rewarded for that!

RollerCoin 5 Year Timeline

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore the major milestones that have shaped RollerCoin over the past five years βͺ 🐹

  • RollerCoin started its journey back in 2017. No minigames, no RLT, only the bright future with online BTC mining
  • The players see their game room for the first time and can purchase miners for BTC. By that time you could get only 8 miners in your room. How little!Β 
  • The first mini-games are coming out starting with Coin Click. And this list is going to grow very soon!
  • The website has been completely modernized and the functionality has been greatly expanded with features that are here till this very day!
  • Big milestone! Players mined the first whole Bitcoin on RollerCoin.
  • RollerCoin launches its own currency for making in-game payments – RollerToken. Prior to this, all purchases in the game could be made for BTC only.
  • RollerCoin launches Top Contributors Contest to attract a new audience and expand the further development
  • Players bought more than 600,000 RLTs during the Top Contributors Contest and the 100 most active players entered the RollerCoin Hall of Fame forever.
  • Major update adds full support for ETH and DOGE to the game
  • Two new games have been added to RollerCoin – Dr Hamster and CryptoSurfer!
  • The hamster is settling into his new lair since we’ve added even more rooms to the game, as well as the first new room design.
  • The first Halloween 2020 themed Event included 3 new miners: Jack-o-Miner, El Monstro and Chupacabra
  • RollerCoin reached another significant milestone reaching One Million users joining the community, a testament to its growing popularity and appeal
  • The launch of Season 1: Perfection brought new quests and rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement for players.
  • RollerCoin expanded its cryptocurrency options by adding BNB coin, providing users with more mining opportunities.
  • Additionally, the introduction of Merge System v1 allowed users to increase their mining power, maximizing their efficiency and block rewards.
  • A year goes by and the platform already celebrates the next remarkable milestone of reaching Three Million players!
  • RollerCoin demonstrated its commitment to social causes by organizing the #StandWithUkraine Charity Sale, supporting a meaningful initiative
  • The release of the Marketplace provided users with a dedicated platform to buy and sell player’s assets, further enriching the RollerCoin and empowering the community to participate in a vibrant virtual economy.
  • New merge with updated rarity system and new parts gave players more advanced merging opportunities
  • The Progression Event system that players love so much showed up and made chasing XP more exciting
  • Also new Crafting Events provided players more ways to get new miners

This year promises to be full of Events and changes in general. Soon enough you’ll find out about upcoming innovations like Batteries, overall electricity rework and lots of new exciting features!

Thank you for being with RollerCoin for all these years! 🐹 ❀️

Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to check out socials regularly πŸ“²

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