Hey dear Rollers!

You guys are fantastic; we have received so much feedback and emotions from you with the last update on block rewards, thank you so much!

But we can tell you what: we are not going to stop and today we introduce to you a new feature, and it CHANGES EVERYTHING – the INVENTORY feature!

It is much more than just an update – it is revolutionary for RollerCoin gameplay, which brings a lot of versatility and opens more possibilities to RollerCoin players in the future. The Inventory release predetermines RollerCoin future in the development of its own market, which we will cover a bit later.

For now, what can you do with the Inventory and how it all works:

You can purchase an unlimited amount of miners now

Previously the number of miners you could buy was limited to the rack’s space you have. With this update, any new miner you purchase goes into your Inventory first, so you need to place it on the rack to make it work.

Inventory Release - Check Out Our Latest Update – RollerCoin Blog

Take off or replace your old miners

If you have bought some basic miners at the start of the game and now want to replace it with something more powerful – go ahead and do that!

Just place the old miner to the storage and install the better miner on that rack.

Organize your mining center

From now on you can arrange your room space whatever you like – put racks in the middle of the room if you want, relocate your miners in size, power or colour orders, make your room look and perform better!

Also, we would like to answer a few of your questions straight away:

  • can I sell my old miner?

Not yet, you can store it in the Inventory, and as soon as we release the Marketplace – you will be able to sell your old miners.

  • Do mining machines work, while they are stored in the Inventory?

Miners that were taken off from the rack and placed in the Inventory are set on OFF. They don’t mine, only miners that are placed on racks in your room are mining.

  • What can I do with miners that are stored in the Inventory?

You can place it on any of your racks, replace with another miner from your rack or just to keep it in your storage.

We have worked on this update for a very long time. Inventory feature is a real game-changer! It allows players to have a completely new approach to the game. 

The most important thing about this update is that Inventory is our first step to the decentralized Roller-Marketplace which we are working on already.

RollerCoin continues to develop, and we are happy to have you all guys on board! 

The following step after releasing the Inventory is to give you the real opportunity to control and dispose of all your in-game property – to customize, sell, and be able to shape a pure virtual economy. THIS IS BIG!

Now go on and rearrange your room to make it shine and mine!