If you are long-time Roller then you might notice that more and more changes and improvements are happening in RollerCoin as time goes by 🐹 

Well, time has come to make some changes to one of the most important parts of the game – The Referral System! πŸ“£

A whole improved referral system that’ll bring you new ways to gain from your referrals more, get rewarded from active referrals 🀝 and will provide you with a new convenient interface that will allow you to monitor your referral stats and change the way you attract referrals in general! πŸ‘

Let’s take a look at what Referral Program 2.0 will be πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘€


  • Referral Progression
  • Referral Daily/Weekly Challenges
  • Referral Leaderboard
  • New Interface
    • Claim Button
    • New Referral Statistics
  • Release Plan
  • Leave Your Feedback

Referrals Progression

Let’s meet the new concept of your profile as an affiliate and progression that you will be able to pass through β˜‘οΈ

Basically what it means is that now you have the opportunity to progress through levels and increase your referral’s commission % πŸ“ˆ Your referrals complete tasks – you get a profit 🀝 As you climb the progression ladder, your rewards will grow correspondingly πŸ˜‰

πŸ”Ό You start your progress from level 1. The progression bar is filled by completed tasks of your referrals.Β 

πŸ”Ό Tasks completed by your referrals will be evaluated in points, which fill your progression scale. Same principle as a Progression Event but you acquire points by your referrals.

πŸ”Ό Each task has its own requirements for completion. Tasks have several levels. With each new level conditions of tasks quantity and rewards will change.

πŸ”Ό With each new level you’ll receive an increase in the commission from the referrals and a one-time reward per level. So you as an affiliate get through levels by getting a certain amount of experience from tasks for referrals.

Referral Daily/Weekly Challenges

The Referral System 2.0 doesn’t stop there 😏 There will be new Daily and Weekly Challenges for referrals also πŸ™Œ

Challenges will provide a dynamic element to the system, ensuring that both you and your referrals stay engaged πŸ‘₯ By completing challenges your referrals contributeto your progression and increase their own rewards πŸ˜‡


To ignite motivation and competitive spirit πŸ”₯ there will be a tournament system in the form of familiar to your Leaderboards πŸ’ͺ

There will be two types of tournaments:

  • By the amount of RLT purchased by referrals πŸ’°
  • By the number of completed Daily/Weekly Challenges βœ…

Tournament Rules will follow the familiar principle of Task Wall tournaments ☝️

  • Each contest lasts 7 days ⏱️
  • At the end of the week (when the timer expires) βŒ› the counters are reset to zero, and you will be rewarded in accordance with your position in the ranking with CRYPTO πŸ€‘
  • Then a new tournament starts and so on every week ♾️

New Interface

The Referral Program 2.0 comes with completely new interface on your referral program page 🀩

The new interface will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your referral statistics, enabling you to analyze your performance and optimize your referral strategies πŸ€”

New Profile Interface will contain the following info blocks πŸ‘‡

Profile will be consist of:

  • Amount of commission you gained
  • Your level + basic profile information
  • Claim button and statistics of accumulated commissions
  • Mini statistics

Claim Your Rewards

Your rewards from referrals will be no longer automatically credited to the balance

You will receive your rewards from referrals only after clicking – the Claim button βœ…

You’ll be able to see all the info on how much commission you got since the previous reward claiming 🧐 and also Claim button will be located in your new referral profile

New Referral Statistics

Now let’s take a closer look at the new referral statistics and sources of referral earnings 😎

Referral statistics πŸ“Š will be presented in your interface on Referral Program page in two versions:

  • Mini Statistics in the main block, which is visible upon opening the page and reflect a general key info
  • Detailed Statistics in a separate section reflect all the detailed info needed for full control over your referral

Mini Statistics will include display of the following info:

  • Earned on referrals (in RLT)
  • Earned from referrals (in RLT) in the last 30 days
  • Number of invited referrals
  • Active referrals in the last 30 days

Detailed Statistics will include a detailed and graphic display of the following info:

  • Number of invited referrals (and active referrals in the last 30 days)
  • Referrals exchanged crypto for RLT (Total / Last 30 days)
  • Earned from mining for each coin (Total / Last 30 days)
  • Earned from spending RLT (Total / Last 30 days)
  • Earned with Task Wall referrals (Total / Last 30 days)

Release Plan

In order to get you closer with a new Referral Program as soon as possible it will be released in parts:

  1. With first release comes up new interface with overall referral progression and First Leaderboard (ref’s RLT purchases)
  1. Second release will be added with Daily/Weekly Challenges and the Second Leaderboard
Please note that the Referral Program is still in development thus some features may be changed in a process

Do You Like The Upcoming Changes?

Share your feedback with us to influence further development and make RollerCoin even better than ever! 🀝 πŸ‘‡

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