Hey, Miners! 🐹

Do you want to upgrade your old-fashioned miners, but still missing something to do that? 🤔 We heard your wishes, and we are making them come true 🧚‍♀️ 

Get the Parts ⚙️ you needed so much from our new Craft Components Case! 💫

How does it work?

For those who are new here, let us explain a little 👇

If you have two identical miners, they can be Upgraded 🛠 into a new, much more powerful one with the help of Parts which you can collect by playing games, or get them from this fabulous Craft Components Case!

🎁 The new loot box is giving you high stakes of getting all types of Parts ⚙️ to finally finish the process of Upgrading your old dusty miners!

Here is the list of reward’s probability for the Craft Components Case:

PrizeRarityDrop Chance
Legendary Hashboardx100Legendary0.01%
Legendary Wirex500Legendary0.01%
Legendary Fanx2000Legendary0.01%
Legendary Hashboardx20Legendary0.32%
Legendary Wirex100Legendary0.32%
Legendary Fanx400Legendary0.33%
Rare Hashboardx500Epic0.09%
Rare Wirex1000Epic0.09%
Rare Fanx2000Epic0.09%
Rare Hashboardx250Epic2.88%
Rare Wirex500Epic2.88%
Rare Fanx1000Epic2.97%
Rare Hashboardx100Rare0.30%
Rare Wirex300Rare0.30%
Rare Fanx600Rare0.30%
Rare Hashboardx65Rare9.60%
Rare Wirex200Rare9.60%
Rare Fanx400Rare9.90%
Common Hashboardx230Common0.60%
Common Wirex700Common0.60%
Common Fanx1400Common0.60%
Common Hashboardx160Common19.20%
Common Wirex500Common19.20%
Common Fanx1000Common19.80%

Hurry up, the amount of cases is limited to 10,000 pieces only!

Go ahead and take your hashboards, wires and fans, before we’re out of stock! 🔥

From each case you will get one type of a Part ⚙️The Rarity and Quantity of them depends on your luck only 😉

A total of 10,000 cases are available in the store, and you know what you should do 😏👇