Hey Cosmic Crew! 🚀

Get ready for an out-of-this-world adventure with Hamster at the special Interstellar Armada Event! 🌌🤩

This awesome space journey happens from November 11th to 30th!

Your goal?

👉 Build your fleet of nine mining ships by finishing missions as exciting as the adventures of the Millennium Falcon! 🔥
👉 Gather special spaceships to craft the 9,750,000 Gh/s Aurora Citadel miner, with an INCREDIBLE 5% bonus power 😎

Now let’s run through the event and see how you get it 👀 👇

That’s How It Goes

✅ Collect 9 unique spaceships from November 11 to November 30 during events.

💫 Use them to craft your own Aurora Citadel miner during the SpaceCraft Offer from December 1 to 3.
Don’t miss it out ☝ You need to start crafting manually 👀

🚀 Join the Aurora Citadel Owners Club with only 750 spots available!

After crafting you will get the final Aurora Citadel miner, all 9 spaceship miners will be burned during the crafting process.

Space Explorers, Prepare for Liftoff! 🚀

To get Aurora Citadel, assemble your own Spaceship Fleet by collecting all nine unique Miners in upcoming Progression Events, Crafting Offers, and Flash Sales! 🌌✨

Let’s check out the Spaceship Miners you need to collect and the events to grab them 😉

Miner PowerEventDate of Event
182 000 Gh/s 11.11 Crafting Offer11 Nov – 16 Nov
195 000 Gh/sSpace Flash Sale13 Nov – 16 Nov
378 000 Gh/s Beyond Good AI Evil Progression Event 14 Nov – 17 Nov
405 000 Gh/s InnoTech Crafting Offer 17 Nov – 22 Nov
208 000 Gh/s Thanksgiving Progression Event 19 Nov – 23 Nov
980 000 Gh/s Space Flash Sale 20 Nov – 22 Nov
1 120 000 Gh/s Spaceship Crafting Offer 23 Nov – 28 Nov
1 050 000 Gh/s Shopping Mania Progression Event 24 Nov – 29 Nov
432 000 Gh/s Cyber Monday Sale 27 Nov – 30 Nov

Buckle up, Intergalactic Trailblazers! 

Secure your Aurora Citadel miner 💪 and jet off into a star-studded holiday like a spacefaring trendsetter! 💫
Let your cosmic status and unbeatable mining skills shine like a hero 😎

Stay tuned to our socials for updates, so you never miss a Spaceship on your epic cosmic journey starting November 11th! 📲