Hey Rollers!

Today we pulled out a new upgrade for you! Since many of you are playing RollerCoin on the phone, we decided to create a better in-game interface. In the latest update, we redesigned the Choose Game page and made it more compact, strict and eye-catchy. We do hope that you will love the new design of the Choose Game page;)

Also, we fixed the bug that many mobile players reported – Gain Power button was redirecting mobile players to the random pages of the site, not allowing to gain the power from the last game won. In this update, this issue is fixed too, so the mobile users will be able to have a more consistent experience.

Pretty soon the official Android app for RollerCoin will be released, and the new design for the marketplace will be ready too. We concentrate on making our game more playable and enjoyable on the phones lately, hope you guys like what we are doing for the game now!