Good news everyone!

  We got through the ending of the presale and fully concentrated on the development of your favorite game, and blueprinting the upcoming plans and ideas.

First of all, we want to say THANK YOU to everyone who invested in the game and bought tokens. As we already said – everything till the last dime (Satoshi) goes to the future development of RollerCoin. Also, the more Tokens you have – the more fun you’ll have later 😉
  So let’s go through today’s release:

– You can purchase additional rooms for RollerTokens! HOORAY! From now on, you can buy extra space, to place your equipment there. A little bit later you will be able to even upgrade your rooms and purchase even more locations! But THE MOST IMPORTANT THING here is that we implemented RLT into the game economy. Locations are sold ONLY for tokens, as many upcoming things in the game, so everyone who’s having RollerTokens would be interested in trying RLT in action.

– Referral program. To be honest, the referral system was not designed to accommodate the needs of a huge amount of players and got down a little bit. That’s why we had to recode it from scratch, which took us quite some time. But now everything is great, not a single SAT was lost, all empty days were restored and the system works fluently.

– New tech abilities! We completely rebuilt the application architecture, it goes for both server and player’s side. The update will allow us to implement all the good things we prepared for the game, give more interaction possibilities to the players, more opportunities to engage between the community and the gaming world.

The next updates will be even more interesting! For example – we are almost finished with multi-mining! You will have it before Christmas 😉

Do you want to make a simulator of crypto-universe closer to reality? Buy our tokens!
Presale is finished, for now, but RollerTokens are still open for sale.