Hey, Frosty Rollers! ❄️✌️

Our cool Miners Art Contest just wrapped up, and your awesome creativity has us totally frozen in amazement! 🤩

This time, checking out your miners’ designs was like taking a stroll through a frosty dreamscape 🌐💙
Ready to dive into the coolest miners’ artwork that will take you on a chilly journey! ❄️✨

Honorable Mentions

Let’s start with works deserving attention and appreciation  – Honorable Mentions! 😊

Take a look at these cool miners 👇

Rush Bates
Rush Bates
Rush Bates
Oswaldo Domingo

As per the contest rules, the talented authors of these miners will be rewarded with 1500 RST 💸🤝

Community Case

Time to unveil the cream of the crop! 🔥

Introducing the stellar 8 winning miners set to star in our upcoming Community Case. And guess what? They’re bagging some seriously cool prizes! 🤑🏆

1stAndando1500 RLT
2ndPetterCh1300 RLT
3rdCaptainMatthew1200 RLT
4thAsepsyf800 RLT
5thAsepsyf600 RLT
6thSantt500 RLT
7thAsepsyf300 RLT
8thPetterCh300 RLT

Great job, everyone! 🥳

Special Gratitude

We want to give special thanks 🙌 to an outstanding participant of this Contest 🖼️ – Andando His designs have truly won the hearts of the entire RollerTeam and Community! Thank you for your incredible work 👍

What About Event Miners?

Curious about the Event Miners Category winners? No worries!
This time, we’re handpicking miners for this category step by step, giving every participant a shot at victory!
If your miner design makes the cut for the game, we’ll reach out to you with:

🔸 250 RLT reward
🔸 A copy of your miner

Stay tuned for that winning moment! 🌟

A massive thank-you, snow angels!

Stay tuned, stalk our socials, and get ready for an upcoming season packed with frozen adventures 😉❄️🎮