Hello there, Miners 🐹

How about building your own referral empire? Do you want other hamsters to work for your profit? 🤩

Do you want to sit, do nothing and get your coins? 🤯

Here’s a Super-Guide from Hamster about it! 👇

I’m the new one! Where to start?

Simple as that 🤓

1. Go to the Referral Program Page 👈
2. Find your referral link 🔍
3. Copy your link, send it to the ones you want to join you in RollerCoin, or simply post the link in your socials, so everyone could join! 💫

Aaaaaand… A few more steps.

It’s all about Cookies 🍪

When a player clicks on your referral link, it is saved in his cookies, which allows him to register as your referral rather than just a new player. 

But sometimes, it doesn’t happen. So, how to make sure everything runs smoothly?🤔

👉 make sure your future referral cleared cache and cookies before using the link;
👉 when referring, be sure that your refs copy and paste the link rather than clicking it on messenger (sometimes text-messengers block cookie-files);
👉  your future referral should use his own device when registering;

All done! How to make sure it worked?

📌 Check your Referral Program Page to see if the number of your referrals increased 📈 
📌 Still not sure? Ask your referral to check his balance, since all referrals receive 1000 Satoshi bonus when registering 🤑

What about my Referral Commission?

What could be better than playing and having fun together with your friends? Getting paid for referring them!

Players receive 25% from referrals’ profit and 15% from in-game purchases of:

⚡️ Miners
⚡️ Cases
⚡️ Lucky 1000 RLT Case (0.03 RLT per each purchase)

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more hot events coming VERY soon 😏🔥