Hey, Rollers!

In the haze of last night’s cheer,
This morning’s hangover draws near.

Prepare your mining rooms for the post-celebration chaos with the Hangover Burning Event! 🌟
Stumble in on January 9th, and the struggle continues until January 16th 👀 

Time to dive headfirst into the flames! 🔥


  • Check it out, Rollers! Say peace out to your ancient miners, stack up those points and event coins!
  • Your sweet rewards are on deck! Level up and grab those fresh miners from the Burn Shop 🔥

Hangover Heaven for Your Epic Rewards!

Your loot comes in two flavors 👇

  • Points — these are the scores that push your journey and hook you up with fresh miners.
  • Event Coins — as you make moves, you’ll pocket Event Coins that you can splash in the Burning Shop.
For completing the entire event, the player will receive 7 miners for progression, as well as a minimum of 65000 Event Coins, which can be spent in the Burning Shop.

Kick It Off Like a Pro!

1. Hit up the Event Page — where the burning awesomeness goes down! 🌟

2. On the left side, pick the miners you wanna send to the fiery abyss 🔥

👉 Only the ones chilling in your Inventory are up for grabs.

You have the flexibility to burn miners of any type or rarity. No restrictions here!

3. Toss those miners into the assigned spots 📥 But keep it chill, max 6 miners at a time!

❕ The burn time is a solid 240 mins 🕐, no matter how many miners you throw in. So, make the most of those slots, you dig? 👍

4. Hit the “Start” button

5. Once your miners are toast, swing back and snag your loot! 🎯

Please note that your Points and Event Coins won’t be credited to you until you press the Claim button.

Running Out of Time? Cash In Now!

To hustle that burn and snag your rewards ASAP 💨, just throw some RLT💰 into the mix.
Tap that “Claim Now” button!

Feel like wrapping up the burn early? You’re in control!
The closer the fire is to done, the fewer RLT you need to fast-track it ☝

Note: If the fire does not finish eating your miners before the event ends, you will not receive any event points or coins. So, be careful! Use boost if there are less than 240 minutes left until the end of the event.

Score Your Loot!

Every miner you torch hauls in:

🪙 Event Coins (ECOINs)
🏆 Points

You get 1000 ECOINs and Points for each 90,000 Gh/s or 8% bonus from the miner you burn 🔥

 Stack Up Points and Cash In!

Rack up those points by torching your miners 🔥 and unlock the loot!

Check out the Progress Bar 📈 up at the top ⬆ — it fills up as you burn miners and grab those Points. Easy peasy, party on! 

Every level needs a certain number of Points, and in return, you score one of these epic miners 🎁

☝️ Even after you’ve crushed the milestones, keep torching those miners for more Event Coins.

Burn Shop

Stockpile Event Coins throughout the entire bash and swap ’em for epic rewards at the Burn Shop! 🔥

What’s lurking in there? 👀

These blazing rigs from the Burning Case to supercharge your mining mojo! 📈

MinerNamePowerBonus Power
Riding Free Relic5,000,000 Gh/s2.5%
Sweet Memory Miner560,000 Gh/s1.5%
Kinetic Energy 220,000 Gh/s+0%
YMCA Game114,000 Gh/s0%

But that’s not all! Snag a mega-boosted miner, Icy Souse – 1 750 000 Gh/s + 0.75% Bonus!  

Icy Souse 1,750,000 Gh/s + 1%
Brush’n’Palette700,000 Gh/s + 0.75%

It’s a burn that’ll heat up the whole crew! 🔥