The New Era is here, Rollers! 🤍

From the very beginning, RollerCoin has been the perfect place to learn about the vast and ever-expanding Blockchain and Crypto universe and to start your wonderful adventure in this world of never-ending possibilities. Now we’re taking it to a whole new level! 🔥🔥🔥

It should be no secret that NFTs became an integral part of the whole Crypto world 🙌  And now it’s becoming a part of RollerCoin as well! ✨

Today we are becoming a place where you can not only gain crypto by having fun, but also become the owner of a unique masterpiece collection, while getting additional exclusive rewards for it! 🤑 

Build your own NFT Collections, make everyone hunt your artworks, and go their prices sky-high! 📈 

Your possibilities are practically endless! 🚀

Your dream just came true! 🤩

While implementing NFTs in RollerCoin, we had to rework a lot of under-the-hood stuff 🦾

You won’t find any significant difference at first, but our team changed a lot internally to make it happen 😎

And now, when we have some major NFT updates on the line, we have already built the basement for everything new that’s coming! 🏠

And before you ask: No, we’re not replacing crypto with NFTs! But they will become an essential part of the RollerCoin economy 💰

So no more portrait galleries 🖼 and museums, you can own your piece of art in your wallet right now, and we are starting with 8biticon as our first major collaboration!


Today we are beginning the NFT era with collaboration between us and our friends from 8biticon 🤝

You may remember them, as we used their avatar service from the very beginning of RollerCoin! ✌️

Give a brand new life to your profile and get unique prizes! 

Use your 8biticon NFT as your RollerCoin avatar and get additional 2% Bonus Power along with a 10 RLT bonus! 🤑 

Everyone who minted their 8biticon NFT and set it as an avatar in RollerCoin can redeem a unique JPEG Collectooor miner dedicated to the beginning of the NFT era in RollerCoin! 🎁

The more — certainly the better!

Who said that fun should just end up minting your first NFT, huh? Mint more than one NFT and receive additional rewards we will announce later on! 💝

That’s intriguing! This whole thing. But what is NFT?

👉 For these folks that just tuned in the crypto world: NFT is a non-fungible token that is always unique, unlike a myriad of standard tokens. In other words, it is a non-interchangeable smart contract used to store artwork data. It comes in the form of gifs, fine physical art, digital art, or, like in our case, digital avatars!

How to mint your first NFT on 8biticon? Simple:

  1. The first thing you need is to download a Metamask extension for your browser if you don’t have it yet ☝️
  2. Create your Metamask account and put in some ETH. You may see the cost of your new NFT avatar in the constructor. Please note that the price excludes network fees 🤓
  3. Go to and start creating! 💫
  4. Click the “Buy now” button to claim your new avatar 🎯
  5. Sign the contract in your Metamask
  6. Wait for magic to happen 🪄
  7. Done! 💥 Now you have your absolutely unique NFT that you can use in RollerCoin!

Got your NFT? Here’s how to use it in RollerCoin:

1. Open your Profile page

2. Choose the new NFT Collection tab

3. Connect your Metamask Wallet to RollerCoin 🪄

4. Choose your NFT from the list below or check the Collections we recommend!

Pixels for you, for him, pixels for everyone!

We also have prepared a limited series of 8biticon collaboration miners, and have even more collaborations to come very soon! 😉

The New Era starts here: Create your exclusive NFT avatars, get awesome prizes and, as always, stay tuned not to miss even more fun coming soon 🔥