Hey Rollers! 🐹

First of all, we want to say thank you to our detectives who found the stolen works. Our Art Contest has always been aimed at creativity and uniqueness, the Hamster does not support copypaste, the art must be honest 🙏

Therefore, let’s support the new winners, because they deserve rewards for their pure talent! 🙌

We accepted a huge number of works — drawings by hand ✏️ digital art 🖥 and even — handicrafts 👐

You did a great job motivating and inspiring our team and other Rollers!

📍We divided the winners into two categories — 5 winners in the Día de Muertos category and 5 winners in the Halloween category.

So the walk of fame has begun 🥳 — meet the winners 🏆!

Día de Muertos

So, we open the results of the competition with artworks dedicated to the Día de Muertos!💀🌺 You will be amazed by the originality 🌟 and creativity 🦋

The First Place and 200 RLT+15 000 RST reward go to Anathelass!

A devoted fan of RollerCoin is immediately visible 🐹❤️ Golden hands!

The Second Place and 100 RLT+10 000 RST reward are for NETOROBATTO! 🤩

La Catrina 💀🌺 is that you? 👀 What grace!

The Third Place and 70 RLT+7 500 RST go to ugurakbas 🎉

Such a sensual drawing evokes warm feelings 🥺🤲

The Fourth Place goes to Lucky! Congratulations, 50 RLT+5 500 RST reward is waiting for you!

You can feel so much soul and love from this work!👻💙

The Fifth Place and 25 RLT+3 500 RST reward Vasquez Watkins 💫

Shiba also honored the Day of the Dead! 🙌🌟


Here are the arts dedicated to Halloween 🎃 These artworks ✏️ that have a best way to carry the eerie mood 👻 of this holiday. Now let’s take a look 🤔

The First Place and 200 RLT+15 000 RST reward go to mariufps!

Hamster 🐹 and his friend 🐸 are celebrating Halloween. So cute!

The Second Place and 100 RLT+10 000 RST reward are for ForeverLegend 💫

Hamster the Lord of the underworld 🦇 Taking souls 👻 and candies 🍬

Third place Frazier Brown! 70 RLT+7 500 RST reward is waiting for you!

What is a creepy outfit or…is it not an outfit at all? 🧛‍♂️🩸

The Fourth Place and 50 RLT+5 500 RST go to Camper.

Do not be afraid of this cutie ☺️ it won’t bite 😈

The Fifth place and 25 RLT+3 500 RST reward are for masterpan97! Congratulations!

What a cutie zombie-hamster! Sweet but scary! 🧟‍♂️

But that’s not all!

Community Choice Winners

Let’s move on to the results from our Rollers 🥰 You have incredible taste in art!

By the way, please note that some works made it to the main winners for reasons you know, yeah 👀

🎉The First Place art by Abileal – 2500 RST 🎉

The whole RollerCoin Halloween atmosphere drawn by hand ✏️ Fair deserved first place 🏆

🎉The Second Place art by Hamid0ux – 2250 RST🎉

Mysterious Hamster, makes you wonder what’s his story 🤔

🎉The Third Place art by LuchoD – 2000 RST🎉

Looks like this one can easily cast a spell on you 🔮

🎉The Fourth Place art by SelerQ – 1750 RST 🎉

Trick or treat, Rollers! 🎃 Get this cutie some sweets 🍭

🎉The Fifth Place art by Tonyfx – 1500 RST🎉

Well dressed and magnificent 🌟 pumpkin suits great also 😉

So that’s that, Rollers! 🥳 Thanks again to all the participants 🙌 And stay tuned for more contests in the future 😉