Hey Rollers! 💫 What could be better than receiving an award for your creativity? 🤔

This is our new Art Contest dedicated to the Día de Muertos 🌺💀 and Halloween 👻

So the rules are as simple as ever — draw the RollerCoin Hamster’s Halloween adventures or his celebration of a colorful feast for all the dead, send it to us and wait for results! 🌟

We will post some of the best and most interesting artworks of our Rollers and tag their authors, because masterpieces should inspire and be shared!🙌

Let’s Talk About The Rules in More Detail

🎃 Creativity and uniqueness! Draw a Hamster in the style of the Día de Muertos or Halloween, that’s the only requirement ☝️ You are free to choose the story you want to tell us in your work!

🎃 You can use any image editing software to create the pic. It can be a traditional drawing or a digital one, from paper to graffiti or even needlework! 😉

🎃 Send your amazing works of art via THIS FORM 📋

🎃 Wait for the results of the contest!

Remember, there is no randomness here. We will carefully review all your arts and choose the best of the best! 🙌

The Prizes

We will select 5 winners 🏆 for EACH category of the Contest: Dia de Muertos 🌺💀 and Halloween 👻

  • First Place – 200 RLT + 15 000 RST
  • Second Place – 100 RLT + 10 000 RST
  • Third Place – 70 RLT + 7 500 RST
  • Fourth Place – 50 RLT + 5 500 RST
  • Fifth Place – 25 RLT + 3 500 RST

You have time to create your masterpieces for the next two weeks, so we are waiting for them from today, October 26 and until November 9 ☝️ Invent something non-standard, experiment on a larger scale and create with all your heart! 🙌 ❤️

Maybe it’s you who will win our Art Contest 🎊

So, Let’s Get Spooky! 👻