Bonjour, Rollers!

The Crowdsale is still opened now. Many of you have participated already. We want to thank you for every single RollerToken you bought, you help us to make RollerCoin better and faster for you!

We often receive questions from you in regards to time frames on the Crowdsale, miners sale, upcoming updates and other questions related to time. That’s why we decided to clarify it all once for all!

Starting today, we add a timer for Crowdsale and release the end date of the first stage.

Just to recall what the first stage is – RollerTokens are on presale, buying them now you receive special rewards. Some of the bonuses have value that totally overcome your investments in the long term. These rewards include free miners, exclusive miners, and locations that will be available only for Crowdsale participants, lifetime investor status on your account and bonus RLT. Also, the most dedicated rollers will be immortalized on the RollerCoin Board Of Fame. Places there are very limited and your name will be kept there FOREVER. You can even place your link on the Board Of Fame. The Board Of Fame is opened already and you can find your name here If your name is still not there – you can appear on the Hall Of Fame, if you purchase the required amount of RollerTokens. The Hall Of Fame is dynamic now, players appear and disappear there while the Crowdsale is opened. When the Crowdsale ends, the names on the Hall Of Fame will be fixed forever.

On November 20th we close the Crowdsale. Does it mean that you will no longer be able to purchase RLT? Of course not. RollerTokens will be sold after the Crowdsale too, but we will no longer give all these sweety sweets we give you now. Also, the price of RLT may be growing after the Crowdsale.

You ever missed a train? Or maybe you had a chance to do something important for you, then ignored the chance you’ve been given and regret it? The feeling is embarrassing… huh.

Let’s get things clear for now. You want extra powerful miners? Do you want a new exclusive location in RollerCoin? DO YOU WANT YOUR NAME TO BE IMMORTALIZED IN THE HALL OF FAME FOREVER?

It’s your chance, buddy, don’t waste it.