Hey Rollers!

Today we release a new update, dedicated to bringing balance to the gaming experience on RollerCoin!

Let’s start with the game power rewards rebalance:

We analyzed which games you play, which you don’t and came up with a sweet new balance to the gaming power, here you can see what’s changed:

Game power rewards:

Coin-Flip: -60%
Token Blaster: +60%
Coin-Match: -20%
Cryptonoid: +35%
Coinclick: -10%
Crypto Hamster: +15%

We reduced the power of Coin-Flip, Coin-Match and Coinclick a lot, because these games are the most abused by dishonest players. However, we boosted Token Blaster, Cryptonoid, Crypto Hamster on an even better percentage of power! We boosted these games on more power reward, than the reduction of other games!

This was made for the benefit of honest players, so they could climb easier by playing these games!

Limited Miners

You might have noticed the miners on Daily offers, that never been in the shop before?

That’s right! These are the miners exclusively designed for daily offers only. Some of you have already purchased these, some may haven’t had a chance to. Daily offers are limited by quantity as well, so you’ve gotta be quick!

We are preparing new and better miners for daily offers and they are… So good.

Most of the new miners will be available only in daily offers. To check if the miner belongs to the daily offers — open Collections and read the miner’s description.

But not all miners will be sold exclusively in Daily offers. One of them – The Scam miner. How can you get it? We’re not going to tell you. For now🤫