Time to clean your 🕴tuxedo and polish your shoes cause the red carpet awaits!🎬 The film festival is about to begin💫
Check what this event has in the stash for you👇

Let’s Appreciate Movie Art Together! What Awaits:

  • Mysterious Hamdiana Adventures!  
  • Oscar Preparing — Get your rewards daily!
  • Craft Your Golden Prizes!
  • 35% Discount for TRX

Oscar Preparing Advent Sale

The main movie award is coming in HOT! 🔥 
And the new Advent sale will make this even better.

Every day new award will be presented so be sure to grab it from March 7 till March 12👏

Craft Your Golden Prizes!

Main Character Car — build the one and save the day!

To be as mysterious and cool driver as Ryan Gosling you need the proper car 🚙
So we have your back with this crafting offer 😏

💥See you on the road from March 7 till March 9!

Afterparty all the stars will be there!

When you think the main course has ended it’s only starting 🥳 The delicious last course is coming after the main event! 🎉
🍾 Bring your fav drink to the afterparty from March 10 till March 13!

TRX -35% Discount

And to make our festival even 🔥HOTTER great discount for TRX is coming! What a gift before the upcoming thematic Film Backstage Sales 👀

Get 35% more RLT from March 7 to March 9☀️
And don’t miss out on the upcoming Sales 😉👇

Hamdiana Adventures – Time To Uncover The Treasure Of The Past!

🤫 Mysterious adventure awaits ahead, Rollers! What will it be? 
✨The truth will be unveiled from March 07 to March 12!

What will it be, you wonder? Ohh, haven’t you heard about the ancient tomb’s treasure? 💎

You will find hints there 😏 But hurry up, only 1 day left!😲👇

What an incredible time to celebrate 🎥 cinema, don’t you think? Now go appoint a barber to be extra shiny on the Red Carpet! And don’t forget your tuxedo😉