Who Knows RollerCoin Best — Wins!

The Ethereum Birthday giveaway quiz 📝 showed amazing results! ✨
We see how much you love RollerCoin and you know a lot about it 📚

So the winners totally deserve these rewards 🏆

There were 1,600 players who answered all the questions correctly. We randomly chose 10 players who will get the Event Pass for the next Season, and 50 lucky winners of Serenity miner! 🤟
Thank you all for participating! 🙌

Congratulations to All The Winners!

So, here is list of 60 lucky winners of our Ethereum Birthday giveaway:

✨ Event Pass goes to:

✨ Serenity miners go to:

Way to go, Rollers! 🐹

What’s Up Next?

This was a great event, and we hope you liked it as much as we did. We plan other events, contests and giveaways as well, so stay tuned! 👀

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Good Luck! 🙌