Hey hoy, Rollers!

The holiday season is almost here 🎅
The season of wonders..and power! 🚀



Prepare your mining rooms for the upcoming holidays with the Ember Light Event! 🌟
Hop in on November 30, and the party lasts until December 12 👀

Time to plunge into the flames! 🔥


  • How it works. Say farewell to your old miners, score Points and Event Coins!
  • Your rewards are waiting! Unlock special rewards through progress and get the new miners from the Burn Shop 🔥

Your Way To Rewards Wonderland!

Your event rewards come in two parts 👇

  • Points — these are the points that boost your progression and get you miners.
  • Event Coins — as you make progress, you’ll earn Event Coins that you can spend in the Burning Shop.
For completing the entire event, the player will receive 7 miners for progression, as well as a minimum of 90000 Event Coins, which can be spent in the Burning Shop.

 How To Start?

1. Go to the Event Page — a place where the burning magic happens 🌟

2. In the left window you can select the miners you want to burn 🔥
👉 Here you will find only the miners that are placed in your Inventory.

You have the flexibility to burn miners of any type or rarity. No restrictions here!

3. Place the miners in the designated slots 📥 You can burn no more than 6 miners at a time!

❕ The burning time is  240 mins 🕐 regardless of the number of miners placed.
So, it’s better to use your slots to the maximum 👍

5. Click the “Start” button 
6. Once your miners are burned, be sure to return and claim your rewards! 🎯

Note: If the fire does not finish eating your miners before the event ends, you will not receive any event points or coins. So, be careful! Use boost if there are less than 240 minutes left until the end of the event.

 Time Crunch? Claim Now!

You can speed up the burning process and grab your rewards immediately 💨 The only thing you need is a certain amount of RLT💰

Just press the “Claim Now” button! 
You can also shorten the burning time whenever you want!

The less time left till burning is finished, the less amount of RLT you need to speed up the process ☝

Please note that your Points and Event Coins won’t be credited to you until you press the Claim button.

Your Rewards Are Waiting!

Each miner you burn will bring you a set amount of:

🪙 Event Coins (ECOINs)
🏆 Points

You get 1000 ECOINs and Points for each 85,000 Gh/s or 10% bonus from the miner you burn 🔥

Сollect Points And Get Rewards!

Collect Points for burning your miners 🔥 and reap the rewards!

At the top of the window ⬆ you’ll see a Progress Bar 📈 that fills up as you burn miners and collect your Points. 

Each level requires a specific amount of Points and brings you one of these amazing miners 🎁

☝️ Even after completing the progression, you can continue to burn miners and earn Event Coins.

Burn Shop

These mining machines from the Burning Case raised ashes to boost your mining power! 📈

MinerNamePowerBonus Power
The Primordial8.400 Ph/s+5%
Pandora’s Box 682.000 Th/s+2.5%
Giftbox Pile 230.000 Th/s+0%
Prescilla100.000 Th/s+1.5%

Grab a pair of super-powerful miners, like the HoloIA Companion and Guess-the-Card! It’s a fire that will warm each and every one of you 🔥

MinerNamePowerBonus Power
HoloIA Companion 2.920 Ph/s+1%
Guess-the-Card1.080 Ph/s+0%

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner, Rollers! 🐹🌟
Let’s get ready for it together, as we prepared something really cool 🎮 for you!