Hello there, Miners! 🐹

Last week we launched a special Easter Basket Hunt Giveaway dedicated to Easter celebrations! 🐣 

More than 5 thousand players participated in the big Egg Hunt, looking for Easter Eggs 🔎 in the videos of our RollerCreators 💫 Thanks to all the participants! 🤝

Now, let’s welcome 100 lucky owners of Fluffy-miners! 💥

Meet the lucky winners of Fluffy-miners:

Congratulations to the winners! 🎉 Go and check your mining rooms 👀 your prizes are waiting for you!

That’s all for today, but Hamster is preparing for one more event coming very soon! Stay tuned not to miss the 4th anniversary of RollerCoin 🤩 

This party is gonna be hot, Rollers 🔥