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You may or may not already know this, but we hold frequent community competitions on our Discord Server.

Just a few days ago, Xalan13x managed to score a well deserved 100 RLT 🤑 for his amazing story about the RollerCoin universe 🥰

Have a read below! 👇

The Epic Battle Against Blaze Dragon

In the magical realm of RollerCoin, where brave hamsters wove their own epics, lived Roller Brave, the small hero with a gleaming armor and a rolling sword. 

One day, his friend Roller Dancer sent an urgent letter: RollerGirl was in danger, threatened by the evil Blaze Dragon, and the fate of RollerCoin hung by a thread. 

Roller Brave didn’t hesitate and embarked on the mission. In his journey, he faced challenges like the Mines Forest and the Hashrate Desert with cunning and courage.

However, the event “Miners Burn” forced him to sacrifice his relics Fang Symbol, Star Symbol, and Power Symbol to summon Golden Fleece, a magical creature ready for battle.

The battle against Blaze Dragon was intense. The malicious red reptile spewed furious flames, but Roller Brave and Golden Fleece danced in harmony, dodging and counterattacking with grace. 

Then, a crucial moment arrived: Blaze Dragon prepared for a devastating attack. It was then that Roller Brave remembered the parts to strengthen his armor and Golden Fleece’s. The miners’ burn had caused a sharp price increase, but with determination, Roller Brave and his ally invested in fortifying their defenses. 

The armor shone with renewed strength, ready for the final showdown. At that moment, an unexpected ally emerged: Deerk Street, a hamster with unconditional love for bread, joined the battle. He pulled out a special bread, which turned out to be magical, and shared it with Roller Brave and Golden Fleece. The bread further strengthened their abilities, creating an additional protection against Blaze Dragon’s flames.

The battle reached its limit when, with a skillful turn, Roller Brave diverted Blaze Dragon’s attack. At that instant, Golden Fleece seized the opportunity to unleash a radiant golden beam. The combination of strengthened armor, magical power, and Deerk Street’s bread proved unstoppable. Blaze Dragon was defeated, and RollerGirl was freed. Joy filled the realm of RollerCoin!

Thanks to the efforts of Roller Brave, Deerk Street, and all the hamsters, it stood firm and secure. RollerGirl, cherished by all, was the cornerstone uniting the hamsters in the realm, and her rescue ensured the continuity of harmony in RollerCoin. Thanks to the bravery and unity of the community, RollerCoin could stand and continue rolling towards new adventures!

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