Howdy, Rollers!

With the latest Golden Abyss miners series, you guys went absolutely nuts, buying so many miners, that can’t fit into both of your rooms! We received a lot of requests from you, to expand the storage capacity because you want more miners than you can place in your rooms. That’s why we release an update today, that allows you to upgrade your current location. This location upgrade allows you to unlock the new room and place more mining equipment there!

Another news probably not new for most of you, but it should be mentioned here too: we started a live RollerCoin chat in Discord! Over the last first week, it has gathered almost 600 Rollers together. We have a cozy atmosphere, many things in common and waiting for you there. Join us in Discord by this link:
There are no words to describe how we appreciate that you liked our new Anniversary miners and have fun playing our game. See you soon, miners!