Welcome to the latest edition of RollerCoin Dev.Diaries! 📚

Today, we’re excited to share with you an upcoming improvement to the energy system in RollerCoin ⚡
We are introducing a recharge mechanic and a brand new item called Batteries 🔋 which will be available in the Season Store.

This update aims to enhance the gameplay experience and provide players with more control over their energy management ☝


  • Why We Decided to Change the Electricity System
    • What do we want to achieve
  • How the New Electricity System Will Work
    • Batteries
  • Economy of Changes
  • Preparing for Changes
  • Let’s Discuss!

Why We Decided to Change the Electricity System

Every change must have a purpose

It is the same with RollerCoin: every change, update or decision has its own purpose, as well as its own background and impact. The same scenario happened to the electricity system ⚡

Initially, the system pursued simple goals:

  1. Minimize the impact on the Network of players who have been inactive for a prolonged period
  2. Bring part of them back to the game 🕹

The tool fulfilled its goals, but was too loyal. While other games in this genre continually find ways to monetize room rentals and similar features, RollerCoin simply requires players to… just click.

Such a loyal system has resulted in a large number of inactive accounts in the system, whose sole activity is to recharge energy. For instance, among the daily audience, approximately 17% of users do not complete “Play Any Game” Daily Quest, which involves playing just one game — the minimum activity in the game.

These accounts occupy the Network and increase the Total Power 📈 ultimately impacting active players. Despite their activity, players are forced to compete with those who do not actively participate in the life of the project.

The presence of inactive profiles in the system primarily affects active players. With a fixed block reward, they receive less than the system could get rid of “dead” accounts. We consider this dishonest.

And we, on the development side, do not want to encourage such players. Even though our block reward is fixed and does not depend on the total power of the network or the number of users, we consider it important to reward active and engaged users of RollerCoin.

The result of the analysis of this problem was the Electricity & Batteries system, which should minimize the impact of inactive players. Such systems are always very complex and affect many other mechanics. We want to talk about all the planned changes in this part of the Dev Diaries 🐹👇

What Do We Want To Achieve

Let’s outline our goals for this update briefly:

  • Encourage active players, limit the possibilities of inactive ones.
  • Slow down the growth of Total Power.
  • Change the RST economy in favor of active players. Here’s the sub-goal:
    • Reduce the turnover of parts on the market in order to lead to an increase in their price.

How the New Electricity System Will Work

The key change is that recharging energy requires a resource. This resource will be Batteries —  a new game entity that was not in the game before 🔋

The electricity system will keep the basis that the players are used to.
With the release of the update, you will see the familiar 5 cells. Each cell lasts exactly 24 hours and it burns out after. It will become more convenient to monitor this: a timer ⏲ will appear on the panel that will show when the energy level in the rooms will decrease.

It will also be possible, even if there are 5 active cells, to additionally charge the system in order to set the timer again at 24:00.

Each lost cell imposes a penalty on the room: -20% for each lost cell.

That is, as in the previous system, the loss of all five cells will provide a complete loss of power. Which can only be restored by recharging with batteries.


Batteries are an entirely new addition to RollerCoin that will be used to restore energy.

There will be multiple ways to get batteries, with the primary option being to purchase them from the Season Store. Since RST is a reward for active play, we believe it’s the ideal method to distribute batteries.

Batteries can be purchased individually or in packs of 5 or 30 at a time. Package offers come with a built-in discount 📉

However, we want to maintain consistency in our system and also allow players to benefit from batteries.

As a result, batteries can be sold and bought on the Marketplace 🏪 A separate category will be created in the search filters to facilitate this process. This allows active players to serve as a unique resource provider for those who prefer to focus on RLT spending.

Additionally, we are open to the possibility of batteries being offered as rewards in other RollerCoin mechanics 😉

Economy of Changes

We position RST as a reward for active players! This is the concept we want to preserve and develop this thesis. And the introduction of batteries and upgrades to the electricity system will only increase this.

At the moment, we are considering the following price parameters:

1 Battery5 Batteries30 Batteries
Price60 RST285 RST1620 RST

We have no plans to change rewards for Daily Quests.

Along with this, we will change the reward for Weekly Quests. It will go lower to match our goals for RST in general and Battery Balance in particular.

Play Games For 5 Days a Week10 RST
Complete 5 Tasks60 RST
Earn 2.5 RLT from Task5 RLT
Win 150 Games10 RST
Complete 23 Daily Quests10 RST
Open 15 Parts Cases10 RST
Win 350 Games10 RST
Complete 40 Daily Quests10 RST
Make a Purchase from Weekly Offer60 RST
Spend 35 RLT30 RST
Merge or Craft a Miner60 RST
Make 100 Merges and Crafts30 RST
Complete 10 Weekly Quests5 RLT

Preparing for Changes

To ensure that the above changes do not take players by surprise, we will be taking the following actions:

  • At the time of release, the energy of all players will be updated to the full 5 cells.
  • In the coming days, as part of Aperitif before the Party, we will give players the opportunity to get extra batteries 🔋

Let’s Discuss!

We understand that these changes are pretty significant, and we have plans to make the economy set up an iterative process 🤝

Your feedback will play a crucial role in refining and improving it to make it more accurate and effective.
We value your input and would love to hear your thoughts on this 🙌
Together, we can create an even better gaming experience for everyone. Join us as we shape the future of the game together!