Good day, Rollers! 👋 And welcome to the new Dev Diaries 📒

As you may have guessed from the title, this release will be dedicated to global changes in the Merge system.

Since the release of the merge, we have been watching 👁️ this system for a long time and came to the conclusion that it is necessary to make fundamental changes in the operation of this system. In more detail why we came to this conclusion, we will tell you further in this volume 😏

So hop in and read carefully as we covered all matters regarding the functioning of the merge system 🔎


  • How the Merge System Works Now
    • Power Definition
    • Merge Costs Definition
    • About the Parts System
  • Why We are Changing the Merge System
  • How Will It Work in the Future

How the Merge System Works

First, we would like to explain how the Merge system works at this moment. This information will help you to get a better understanding of our vision of the economy, and goals so you are able to understand the changes that we are planning.

Let’s Talk Power Definition

The main advantage of miners merging is increased power ⚡ The higher the merge level, the greater the increase in power relative to the miners from which the miner is created.

Currently, the raw power gain table looks like this:

Power Gain+20%+40%+60%+80%+100%

This means that after merging an uncommon-rarity miner, you will get x2.2+ from each Common miner. And when merging an Unreal miner, the result will be equal to x3 + from the power of each Legendary miner ☝️

Why “plus”? You may ask 🤔 Because, on top of that, we added a Free Bonus +5% to the final power of the miner. It is called “Free” because it is not included in the calculation of the cost of the merge. Here is a more illustrative example of how the power of a merged miner is calculated:

We added 5% free power to make the merging more attractive 😋 By combining two miners into one, you get power from both, power from fee “paid” in parts and RLT, and +5% free power 🤝

We will return to the calculation of the cost later. Now let’s show how it looks in the formulas. Where:

  • MinerLvl — miner rarity level after merge. In our example, this miner. Accordingly, the original miner has minerLvl-1 – one level lower
  • powerGain — growth from the table above. There is one for each level. Can be between 0 and 1. For example, 20% from the table above would give 0.2

Final Power [minerLvl] = 2 * power [minerLvl-1] * (1 + powerGain) * 1.05

Let’s take the Common Tape-Side-A as an example. This particular miner gives us 188,000 Gh/s. If we want to merge two such miners into one, its next rarity — Uncommon – will have a powerGain equal to 0.2

Let’s calculate! ✍️

(188000 * (2 + 0.2)) * 1.05 = 434280

Let’s compare the value to what we can see in the game 👀

Formula for Rare+ Miners

Now let’s look at the merge of Rare and higher levels. The formula for calculating such miners is more complicated than that of the basic ones. Let’s figure it out:

It looks a little confusing because a cycle appeared here, but the essence itself has not changed much. Let’s explain in detail.

First, according to the power increase table, we calculate two Common Miners cyclically a certain number of times to get to the value of needed rarity. After that we add 5% of Free Power.

For example, let’s merge Tape-Side-A from Rare to Epic. The Rare Tape-Side-A has 1,042,335 Gh/s of power, however we will use a Common value for the calculations: 188,000 Gh/s.

(188000 * (2 + 0.2) * (2 + 0.4) * (2 + 0.6)) * 1.05 = 2709907.2

This value does not match the one in the game because we are rounding up power at each step of calculation, in favor of the player.

From now on, we will use the first scheme to keep it simple 👍

Now Let’s Define the Costs of Merging

Let’s go back to the scheme above 👆 In particular, that part of it indicating that during the Merge, players pay only for the Merge Bonus. Now let’s look at this scheme 👇

Calculation of the Merge Bonus will help you understand what you are paying for and how much. Calculation goes like this: 🔍

🔷 Each miner has its own efficiency indicator, which is calculated as the ratio of Power to Price, measured in Gh/s / RLT. We determine the value based on the set System Price of each miner.

🔷 Through the parameter of power we find the cost of Merge Bonus: we divide the power growth by the efficiency indicator. That’s how we get the total cost of the Merge.

For miners of the Rare+ Merge Bonus rarity, from which the Merge cost is found, is considered the last operation in the Power Gain finding cycle.

So how is the cost of the Merge distributed now? 🧐 We take the value obtained above in RLT and break it down in the following proportion:

🔷 5% on commission in the form of RLT;

🔷 The remaining 95% are divided between Fans, Wires, and Hashboards in a ratio of 1:1:1. Their price is taken with the expectation that the Common part costs 0.002 RLT

There are some exceptions to this rule, for example, miners from the New Year Advent Calendar 🗓️ where the total cost of the Merge is ≈35% lower. But most miners in the game are counted clearly according to the described formula ✍️

For example, let’s take El Monstro miner where the store price is known. With the help of the information above, we are able to find its Merge Bonus and Effectiveness. Merging Common to Uncommon Merge Bonus is 22000 Gh/s, and Effectiveness is 1111.11 Gh/s / RLT. Using those values, we are able find the cost of the Uncommon EL Monstro Merge in RLT 👇

22000/1111.11 = 19.8

Then we subtract 5% for the commission, which is 0.99 RLT. The rest of the value is divided equally among the parts, resulting in ≈6.27 RLT for each of the three types of parts ⚙️

Now let’s figure out how exactly the parts merging works 🧐

About the Parts System

The parts system is quite simple: a higher level part is obtained from a certain number of parts of the previous rarity and a RLT commission💫

Parts needed for Merge5020105

There is one constant in this system: the price of a Common part. We valued each Common Part at 0.002 RLT, adding a 5% fee for the merge of parts as well.

Using this information, it is easy to calculate the embedded price of parts of different levels:

  • Uncommon – 0.105 RLT
  • Rare – 2.205 RLT
  • Epic – 23.153 RLT
  • Legendary – 121.551 RLT

Got tired? 😄 Let that info sink in 🧠

🤓 Now that you get to understand the merge system more clearly, it’s time to move on and see why we need to make changes to it 👇

Why Does the Merge System Require Changes?

🔍 To answer this question, let’s first look at the comparison table of the price we planned (hereinafter System price) and Market price:

RaritySystem PriceMarket Avg Price% of System Price
Common0.002 RLT0.0017 RLT85%
Uncommon0.105 RLT0.0284 RLT27%
Rare2.205 RLT0.2473 RLT11%
Epic23.153 RLT3.4475 RLT15%
Legendary121.551 RLT12.8611 RLT11%

We see that in some cases the price differs several times 🤔 The main reason for this is the number of parts that players had in their inventory before the release of the Merge system ☝️

From this it follows that currently it is more profitable to purchase parts from the Marketplace rather than merge everything by yourself, right?

Negative Influence on the Merge of Miners

Let’s break down the following demonstrative example of exactly what the negative impact consists of. We will analyze it on Dream Demolisher 3000 miner 🦾

If we compare how much it costs now to merge each rarity, we will see a huge difference from the price embedded in the economy 👇

RaritySystem Merge PriceMarket Merge Price% of System Price
Uncommon22 RLT18.87 RLT85.77%
Rare92.19 RLT28.38 RLT30.79%
Epic329.31 RLT52.08 RLT15.82%
Legendary1128.91 RLT221.93 RLT19.66%
Unreal3897.42 RLT619.29 RLT15.89%

A little math ✍️

The Unreal rarity of Dream Demolisher 3000 is 84% cheaper than initially planned. Currently players receive up to 7.12 Ph/s for free, compared to the System Price. With a cheaper merge it becomes much easier to get more mining power as a certain loophole that was definitely not foreseen 🧐

But… Іsn’t it cool to have more power for less? 🤩 Not exactly, and here’s why we don’t think so 🧐

🔸 The game turns into an endless race to increase the mining power for ordinary players. 

🔸 The game becomes difficult to start for newbies.

🔸 Forces us, RollerCoin Team, to maintain economy balance and introduce much needed changes first, instead of focusing on the new content.

What Changes Can be Expected in the Future?

Taking into account all the aspects described above 📑 we decided to change the system in a sudden way:

🔸 Simplify the merge recipes system.

🔸 Recalculate the number of parts in recipes based on their average monthly marketplace value

🔸 The number of parts in the recipes will be reviewed and updated regularly.

Changing the Recipes

☝️ We avoid a lot of manually set coefficients when determining the power at different levels of miners.

Now the scheme is universal for every miner:


🔸 A static coefficient of 50% for the Merge Bonus has appeared.

🔸 The Free Bonus in the amount of 5% has been preserved.

The same in the formula:

Final Power [minerLvl] = (power [minerLvl-1] * 2.5) * 1.05


🔸 Evenness of power growth with Merge. Especially for Uncommon and Rare rarities.

🔸 Post-Merge power will increase by 5-20% over previous power, depending on rarity level.

Tape-Side-A power for Uncommon version: 434,280 Gh/s. A little math and we have a hint:

188000*2.5*1.05 = 493500

This is 12% more than what it is now.

Exceptions, such as, New Year Advent Calendar miners will still be calculated with ≈35% discount.

Increasing the Number of Parts in Recipes 

As in the old system, you only pay for a portion of the Merge Bonus!

📍 The change: the calculation will be based on market prices and the average value for the last month will be taken.

This will solve several problems:

🔸 Reduce mining power inflation.

🔸 Reduce significant amount of parts stored before the release of current Merge System.

🔸 Most importantly, these changes will create “real” value for merged miners.

Regular Review of Recipes 🧾

It is known that the market price is subject to change. We will adjust the prices of merge regularly so that they correspond to the current state of the market 🙌

The approximate time for changing recipes is once a month. We will notify you of each such change ☝️

And if the described changes will justify themselves, we will make them systematic 🤝

Stay Tuned!

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