Hey Rollers! 🐹❤️

We are ready to let you into our «inner kitchen» 🍳 and show you what our team is working on 👀 We sincerely believe that you will be pleasantly surprised! 🙌

So go inside, it will be interesting!


  • Season 7 & New Events
  • Major RST Changes
  • New Сontent in Development
  • Block Rewards Increase
  • Content In-Progress

Season 7: Prime Time! & New Events

Dance, Boogie Wonderland, hey! Hey! 🎶 🕺🕺

Let’s start Dev Diary with everything new about the upcoming Season 7: Prime Time! 👀☝️

The Hamster is already making invitations to an 80s disco party 🪩 Yes, this is the incredible theme of the new season in RollerCoin!

Season 7 brings with it updates: lasts longer in time ⏳ brings even more rewards 🏆 and more possibilities to merge your new miners ⚙️ Get up to 16 of each miner and go all the way to Legendary. Sounds cool right?

So what should you expect this time around?

🔸 Turkey Balloon Festival — Referral Contest — the new reworked referral contest is just around the corner! Rollers will fight for awesome prizes, including miners and rewards in crypto.
🔸 RollerCoin 2022 Advent Calendar — lots of freebies every day and exclusive miners!
🔸 Yule Quest — Treasure Hunt — сollect all Easter eggs during the holidays and get incredible rewards!
🔸 Lunar New Year 2023 — a large-scale event dedicated to the New Year in China.

And of course new Crafting and Weekly Offers! By the way, keep the spoiler 🤫 — you may need your little friends 🦀 🦖🐸  in the new Crafting Offers! Details to come!

RST Changes: Total Wipe & Rebalance

Miners, you have a great chance to spend all the accumulated RST reserves you have! 🙌

Due to the specifics of the referral system, RST began to accumulate too much, causing users getting more Parts and Miners than expected 🤔☝️

The RollerCoin team found the following solution — we plan to fix the balance by removing RST referral rewards, introducing the new Season Store and a small visual refresh 🌟

So all your RST will be wiped with the start of Season 7! Buy as many Parts as you can, you will definitely need them! 🤫

We will come back with more details on this later ☝️

New Content Awaits You

Rollers, now it’s time to get acquainted with new activities from RollerCoin: more bonuses ➕ rewards in crypto 🤑 and a themed Advent Calendar 🎁 are waiting for you!

New Reward Screen

This feature is intended to provide an additional reward 🏆 in case of winning or losing the game, if you’re willing to get it, of course. 

Even more prizes for very simple actions: you can take the survey 📑 or watch the video 🎥 — and here is an additional reward in your pocket!

New Racks 

Meet the new modernized racks!

They keep their key function — the ability to install miners on them, but they also give a bonus to the placed miners. Yes, you understood correctly, new racks give additional power to all miners installed on it 💪🌟

📍 With the usual Bonus Power, the Rack Bonus is not multiplied, but added.

New Event — Advent Calendar

We all love Advent Calendars, don’t we? 🤔

That’s why we’re launching our holiday one! Rollers, you know how these events work: enter the game every day and get new rewards for it! 😉

📍Please note that each reward can be collected within 24 hours before it is snowed away forever 💨❄️

Reward In the Crypto

One of the tastiest things about Season 7 is the reward in crypto! 💸

You will have the opportunity to receive a reward in crypto for the completion of daily and weekly tasks for a certain time. So there will be events lasting a week that will take place during Season 7.

It’s temporary, but great! 🤩

Double The Block Rewards

This is really something you were waiting for! We are sure you will love it!

Soooo… 📍 Block Reward will be increased by x2! 📍
This means that we will increase the Block Rewards of ALL existing coins every month throughout the season! 😮

Yes, not immediately, but in portions. We will increase rewards by 25% 4 times per Season 7!

Something We Are Still Working On 📝

Soon to be! 🔥

So, the final touches 🖌 are in the work on the following:

🔹 Task Wall Upgrade is still in progress and will be released during the next season.
🔹 SOLANA and TRX. We know how much you’ve been waiting for this, so don’t worry, our team continues to work on both.
🔹 Two-factor authentication (2FA) earing the release and goes through additional testing.
🔹 Tutorial system — we continue to work on in-game tutorials, so stay tuned for useful tooltips about various features!

As you can see, the Hamster promises that this season will be unforgettable! 🙌🤩

Stay Tuned!

So, Dear Rollers, do not forget to follow our socials 📱 because we always warn about updates and new events. Don’t miss any of them!

We are waiting for your feedback, because you are the ones for whom we strive, you are the ones who motivate and make us enjoy what we create 😌

Stay tuned, stay with RollerCoin 🐹❤️