Hey there, Rollers! 🐹

As promised, here is the new part of our Dev Diaries – Vol.2! 📓

Today we will talk about a good deal of cool stuff, such as Offerwall, 2FA and even Block Rewards! 🤑 Read it through carefully, and you will get some answers you were waiting for! 🧐

Block Reward Update Eternal

So, you’ve read through the Blog and got here, huh? 😉 Good for you! 👌

So, to the great news: RollerCoin is permanently increasing the Block Rewards! 😱

DOGE: 20 → 40
BNB: 0.012 → 0.019
MATIC: 3 → 3.5
SOL: 0.05 → 0.06

We want to stimulate the mining of less popular coins, so the pool of each coin would be more balanced ⚖️ And of course, our weekly block reward updates will stay ⬆️

Server Side Fixes

Due to high popularity, Marketplace features could be slow. So our devs are working on server optimization, so your deals would go without any delay! ⚡️

Besides that, we are analyzing the behavior of Parts’ economy and making notes for future updates and fixes. For example, we surely will be changing the recipes for merging and upgrading 📝

Some more examples of what’s gonna be fixed:
🔸 Marketplace filters
🔸 Naming
🔸 Etc.

Crafting Offer

A Brand New type of Event is coming right at ya! 🤩

Ever felt frustrated sitting with a bunch of Parts and no miners? 😕 Well, then we have great news for you! 👍

Basic miners now will be available for crafting from Parts! It’s gonna require more Parts, but less RLT 🥳

Note, that the numbers of Parts and RLT are not final — this is just an example 😉

Save some Parts and RLT, Rollers, since very soon the first Crafting Offers will begin! 🥰

Task Wall Update

The feedback we are getting from Rollers worldwide shows that the Task Wall needs changes, and yes – we’re working on it! 🧑🏻‍💻

To make everyone’s experience with the tasks more enjoyable and fair, we have a plan 🙌, and it includes:
🔸 UI rework
🔸 Optimizing the partner programs we already have and diversifying your options by adding more
🔸 Adding a leaderboard and introducing Weekly Rewards in crypto for those who make it to the top 🤑

2FA + Anti-Dumping

Players’ security is a top priority for us 🔐

Turns out, apart from new trading possibilities, the Marketplace has brought some room for, let’s say, unfair practices 😾

To put a stop to it, we’re currently working on scam protection by developing:
🔑🔒 A 2-factor-authorisation system
❌📉 An anti-dumping mechanism for the Marketplace

What Else Does RollerCoin Do?

Just a few more moments to share with you:
🔸 New tutorial: slides and tips. This is important for newcomers, but also for our beloved old players, since new features are coming to RollerCoin, and we’re not gonna stop doing that!
🔸 Solana deposits and withdrawals are being developed – we know you are looking forward to this!
🔸 A new type of event for you, Rollers!

What About Legacy Miners?

As you already know, if you have any miners which you upgraded in the previous version of Crafting System (the ones with the stars), they cannot be upgraded anymore.

They have a higher bonus for mining power – notice that! ⚡️ And they are absolutely unique, of course ❄️

Such miners will be restyled a bit 😎 You will see a special icon on the Legacy miners which looks like this:

And What About RLT?

RLT block reward will decrease:

RLT: 30 → 20

Why the heck would RC do that ❓ Well, here goes 🥸

Reworking of RLT block reward will engage players to complete more Daily and Weekly tasks in order to get the rewards. What is also important – this will stimulate the Marketplace, where you can get RLT for selling your miners, racks and parts 💰

We are absolutely sure that parts’ value is going to increase constantly, and so the revenue for all players will grow 🤑

What’s Next?

We will keep updating you when we have something cool 😎 to share with you. We can see how you enjoy the increasing transparency of RollerCoin project, and we are eager to keep it this way! 📈

Stay tuned for more, Rollers! 🐹