Hey Rollers!

The Hamster will awaken the spirit of competition among our players today!

So meet the new type of Crafting Offers, in which players will be divided into teams and arrange races for the chosen bonus! 📈

Get ready to start!

Let the Race Begin!

I’m on the highway to… RollerCoin! 🤘🔥

Craft your favorite miners and get an additional bonus for the next week!

Pick your team and craft as many miners as you can to ensure your team will win! 

Please note that at least 100 miners of a certain Team should be crafted for the bonus to be added in the game!

Rollers… or can you be Bakers 😎 this time? So what do we have for this Crafting Race?

Correspondence of the miner to the selected bonus:

“Tryhard Miners”

+100% RST Mining
-20% BTC Mining
“Whales United”

Sunset City
30% discount on RLT for BTC purchases
-30% DOGE Mining
“Racks Enjoyers”

Retro Night
Wonder Rack 8 in Store
-25% RST Mining

It sounds quite simple, but an example will make it even clearer.

  • So if you want “Wonder Rack 8 in Store and -25% RST Mining” bonus to appear on the site for the next week, you should craft a Retro Night miner.
  • Each successful craft will be taken into account and if the majority of players also choose Retro Night — this will be the team that won!
  • This bonus (in our case Wonder Rack 8 in Store and -25% RST Mining, because we are crafting Retro Knight in our example) will be available to EVERYONE on the site, NOT only to the ones who crafted ☝️

It’s Time To Craft!

Rollers, check if your bike is working as it should, put on your helmets and your leather gloves, because the race is going to be crazy! 🤩

Remember the basic rules described above! Please note that all crafts between Jan 23 – Jan 30 will be considered, so choose your favorite and go craft! 💥

Wroooooom! 🏍