Trick or treat, Rollers! 👻✨

At this spooky time of the year, we have prepared something special for you.🤫 Ever felt frustrated sitting with a bunch of Parts and no miners? 😕 No more frustration! ❌

Common miners will now be available for crafting from Parts ⚙️ and small amounts of RLT only!

Feeling excited enough? 😉👇

What Is a Crafting Offer?

Crafting Offer is a brand new type of Offer which gives players more opportunities to get mining machines without actually buying them! 🤩

Like with the Merge process 🛠 players will be available to craft miners using some components, but, unlike Merge, the Crafting process will also take some time to complete ⏳

What Do I Need For Crafting?

Every miner has its own Crafting Recipe 📃 which includes a certain number of: 

  • Parts ⚙️
  • RLT 💰
  • Time 🕥

The numbers and types of components can differ depending on the item ☝️

How To Craft?

1️⃣ Go to the Store Page and open new Crafting Offer Tab

👉 Here you can check the items available for Crafting and their recipes.

Each recipe 📃 contains:

  • The name of a miner and its power
  • The time needed to complete crafting process 🕗
  • Number of Parts ⚙️ needed 

Amount of RLT needed to complete the crafting

2️⃣ Press the “Craft” button and wait the time needed to complete Crafting ⏳

3️⃣ When the Crafting process is completed, go to the Crafting Offer Tab and press the “Claim” button 🎯

After that, your miner will be moved to the Inventory, so you can place it in your mining room or simply sell it on the Marketplace! 👍  

Please note, that the crafted miner won’t be moved to your Inventory until you press the Claim button.

If you haven’t pressed the Claim button, all the unclaimed crafted miners will automatically be moved to your Inventory once the Crafting Offer ends.

Besides that:

  • You can start crafting different types of miners from the Crafting Offer at the same time 🔨
  • You can craft more than one miner of the same type, but only one by one 🤓
  • If the Crafting Offer is about to end, but you still want to craft a miner, don’t worry! You can start crafting, it will be completed and available for claiming even after the end of the Offer 👀

No Time To Wait?

Wanna see your first crafted miner here and now? 😎 Then we have good news for you!

You can speed up the crafting process and grab your crafted machine immediately! 💨 The only thing you need is a certain amount of RLT💰

Just press the “Claim Now” button and see your brand-new miner appearing in your Inventory 😉

You can also shorten the crafting time whenever you want! 

The less time left till crafting is completed, the less amount of RLT you need to speed up the process! So you can wait half of the required time and then pay twice less 💯

The time has come, Rollers! Collect your Parts, and fill your mining room with a bunch of super-powerful mining machines, or start trading them on the Marketplace 🤝 it’s up to you only!
Don’t wait any longer, the time of the Offer is limited 👀👇