Hey there Rollers! 🌟

Many of you have been waiting for the event dedicated to the winter holidays! ☃️ So let’s all sit down by the fireplace, grab something sweet 🍪 and listen to the festive midnight story from the Hamster! 🐹🌠

🗓 And this story will be two wonderful weeks long: from 28 December to 11 January!

So what is it all about? 👇

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way 🔔

Winter in RollerCoin has brought your most favorite event! 🌨👀

You behaved well this year, didn’t you?  So, in that case…

Here is the Christmas Midnight Story 🎅💫 — an event in which you play gamescollect points by completing various tasks → receive incredible rewards 🎁! 

The Hamster will definitely not leave you without prizes! 

What is the secret to getting a lot of points?

Every story has a tendency to repeat itself, just like ours! Let’s listen to the rules of the event 😌

❄️ Get 500 points for each level passed in mini-games! 

  • Play some mini-games and pass the levels to gain points! Each completed difficulty level will add 500 points to your progression bar.
  • Completed all the levels in all games? You are really an example! 

So it’s time to relax and drink hot chocolate ☕️ But come back when the levels in your games reset!

❄️ Get 1000 points for each RLT you spent!

Spend RLT and fill in your progression bar to get even more rewards!

  • Buy unique miners on the Marketplace!
  • Merge miners and parts!
  • Complete Event Quests!
  • Get yourself a couple of miners from Weekly and Crafting Offers!
Players will get 1 point for each spent 0.001 RLT. So, for example, if a player bought a miner for 4.47 RLT, he would receive 4470 points.

Great, everything is clear about the points, but what else? 👀

How Multipliers Can Help?

Now we should mention the Multiplier 🧐 So let’s continue our story!

Remember: each 1 RLT that your purchased will give you +x0.1 to your points 📈
  • For example, after purchasing 10 RLT you will receive + x1 multiplier.
  • Each multiplier is valid for 1 hour, but players can maintain and increase it at the same time by opening one more Сase before the timer ends.

❄️The maximum multiplier can be obtained for 90 RLT.

What’s a holiday without gifts, right? Get them all!

And they lived happily ever after, together with Rollercoin! 🐹❤️ Because this event will bring our Rollers a huge amount of Bonus Power, a bunch of RLT and RST, incredible miners and Event Pass EXP! 🌟

Make your own Christmas story 🎄💫 by participating in our new progression event and don’t miss a single reward! 

And you can do it right here! 📖👇