When you’re ready to withdraw your profits from your RollerCoin mining farm, you’re going to want to keep your crypto safe in a Bitcoin wallet. Nevertheless, there are so many wallets out there, that choosing the right one can become confusing and stressful.

Fear not, RollerCoin players, we’ve got your back. We’re going to run through what makes one bitcoin wallet better than another and a few key points that you should consider. Ready to find your dream bitcoin wallet? Let’s go!

🔑 Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto!

The number one rule of storing crypto is to do it in a wallet where you’re the sole owner of the private keys. If you opt to store your Bitcoin in a wallet where you don’t own the keys, it could all vanish in an instant. Crypto exchanges are notoriously dangerous places to store your crypto, with hacks and rogue employees pilfering hot wallets.

Pick out a crypto wallet where you must write down the seed phrase. By doing this, you will ensure your crypto will be safe and secure from the sticky paws of thieves looking for an easy payday.

📲 Easy to Access

If you like to have instant access to your BTC, DOGE, ETH, then you’re going to want a wallet that goes wherever you go and is easy to unlock. Mobile wallets are perfect for this as they’re stored on your mobile phone, and let’s face it, when did you last go anywhere without it?

There are some great privacy and security features built into a lot of mobile wallets these days, making them a great solution for RollerCoin players that have less than $1,000 worth of Bitcoin to store. Owing to the fact that these wallets are on your phone, it’s recommended that you keep the bulk of your portfolio somewhere more secure.

Best Bitcoin wallets that are easy to use🏦 

🔹 BitPay
🔹 Mycelium
🔹 Jaxx

🔐 Privacy is Nice to Have

It’s always nice to have some privacy features on your Bitcoin wallet, after all, you shouldn’t make yourself an easy target for scammers and thieves. A lot of wallets these days are Hierarchical Deterministic, which means that a new address is generated every time you hit receive. Old addresses will still route to your wallet, so you can create a whole bunch of addresses for different people and companies.

There are also wallets that don’t ask you to complete any form of KYC or AML checks, only asking for your mobile number or email address for registration. These are better as you don’t have to leave your ID documents stored on a server somewhere and you’re not linked to that wallet.

Best Bitcoin wallets for privacy🛡

🔹 Yeti Cold
🔹 Paper wallets
🔹 Wasabi
🔹 Keevo

☕️ It’s All About the User Experience

With so many different Bitcoin wallets out there, finding one that’s a pleasure to use isn’t too tough. Some will come with advanced features, but at the end of the day, do you really need the ability to create time locked transactions? Find yourself a wallet that is user-friendly and easy to use. The simpler it is to use, the lower the chances there are of you making a mistake when sending or receiving your Bitcoin.

If you want a wallet with more features and are willing to sacrifice the user experience, desktop wallets such as Electrum and Jaxx have all the features you’ll ever need. They are a little clunky however, so do bear this in mind if you opt for this direction.

Best Bitcoin wallets with a great user experience💅

🔹 Exodus
🔹 Blockchain.com
🔹 Mycelium 
🔹 Bitpay

💼 Reputation is Everything

It’s very easy to fork the code from a popular and functional crypto wallet, then add in malicious code. So, to avoid falling prey to a dodgy wallet, do some research before you dive in the deep end. Search in popular forums like Bitcoin Reddit for posts and Bitcoin wallet reviews. If you can’t find anything about a particular BTC wallet, post about it. Get genuine feedback from others that have used it before – it could save you a lot of heartache in the long-term.

Best Bitcoin wallets with a good reputation🕶

🔹 Electrum
🔹 Jaxx
🔹 Samourai
🔹 Ledger
🔹 Bitpay

📊 Test it Out

The golden rule of new Bitcoin wallets is to dust them before you go all in. Send a small transaction to your new Bitcoin wallet and let it confirm. If this transaction goes through and is fine, then you know it’s safe to use the wallet. If the transaction never appears, or appears then vanishes out the wallet, you know it’s probably not safe to use.

💸 Withdraw from RollerCoin like a Pro

As soon as you’ve selected the right BTC wallet and set everything up, it’s time to make your first withdrawal in RollerCoin!

The withdrawal process was made by following all standards and trends in crypto, so it is easy to use for every player.

To open your in-game wallet, you need to click on the “Wallet” button on the top left side of your screen.

When the wallet page is opened, select Bitcoin on the left side of the wallet page.

The minimal withdrawal amount for BTC in RollerCoin is 10,000 Satoshi, which equals 0.0001 BTC.

Here you can see the balance of your account in RollerCoin and the “Withdraw” button, click on it!

To make a withdrawal, you need to paste your external BTC wallet address under “Enter your wallet” and type in the amount of withdrawal.

Be sure that you enter the wallet in the correct currency and check the box below.

The withdrawal will appear in history with Pending status, it means that we have sent you an email confirmation, just click on the link in the received email and you’re good to go! The withdrawal is waiting to be sent.

🤔 Which Bitcoin Wallets are Best?

Now you know the features you should consider; we’re going to run you through the best wallets for each one. After all, when you’re pulling out your Bitcoin from RollerCoin, you want it to go to the perfect wallet for you!

The more security focused wallets will cost you a little more money to buy, and take you longer to set up, but they’re worth their weight in digital gold, especially if you’re a bit of a Bitcoin whale.

If you just want a quick, cheap, and easy to use bitcoin wallet for everyday use, then the mobile wallets standout as the best choice for you. Samourai and Mycelium have the most features, but BRD and Jaxx are both great alternatives.

Now you know how to choose a Bitcoin wallet for your needs, you can go ahead and cashout your earnings from playing RollerCoin – cha-ching!