Hey there, Rollers 👋

Today we are going to talk about security 😎

As you know, there are millions of billions of accounts all around the world that are being hacked, hijacked, stolen, sold, and scammed on a daily basis. All of the above can even happen to your RollerCoin account anytime 😦

But don’t worry 🐹 Hamster is here to guide you on how to avoid these types of things and how to keep your account “locked” and your “keys” to yourself 👍

So let’s get to it!

Check Yo’self Before You Wreck yo’self

The most basic and important thing is that rollercoin.com is the ONE and ONLY RollerCoin there is ☝️

We DON’T have an official app or any other entry points to the game. Thus all applications or websites with the RollerCoin name on them are NOT valid and possibly can be used to collect your data including passwords, logins, etc.

So if you are reading this on some app from AppStore or Google Play – we suggest you to immediately log out, delete the app completely, re-login through RollerCoin and keep reading 👀 👇

Sign Up Properly

RollerСoin is completely free to register and play! We do not sell applications on AppStore, Google Play, there are no apps and “RollerCoin games” that you can install on your PC. Registration is always free and takes place only HERE 👈

Also, we have a Two-Factor authentication (2FA) to keep your registration data safe and protected 🔐 And we highly recommend you to enable it if you still haven’t done it 👇

Click on your avatar Personal info Enable Two-Factor Authentication for my mail ✅

Deposit and Withdrawal Policy

Always keep in mind that all your deposits and withdrawals can be processed only in your in-game wallet. And always remember:

  • All your deposit addresses for each currency are unique and can be generated only in your game wallet
  • Withdrawal requests are also made in your game wallet where you enter your own address yourself

All transactions are processed strictly within the game and never via text messengers, social media, chats, etc. 🛑

☝️ However, there are some tricky viruses that can change your deposit and receiving addresses when copying and pasting 😳 so it won’t be redundant to recheck your info every time you want to make a transaction 👍

Recognizing Sus Activity

There are only two ways to reach out and communicate with the legit Roller Team:

All the other “RollerCoin social media” besides those four 👆 are fake and you should get out of there before it’s too late ⚰️

Anyone who reaches out to you and pretends to be part of the Roller team, but does not use the official mail ([email protected] or [email protected]) who does not have the RC Team role (highlighted in yellow) in the official Discord server, who does not write with off Twitter or Telegram account – is not a representative of Roller but is a scammer

How to define a real RollerCoin from an imposter one? It is very very simple 😏

Here is something that the real Roller Team would never do:

🔻 We will never ask you to send us BTC or altcoins to us so we could then return double or more of what you send

🔻 We will never contact you to ask for your credentials

🔻 We will never ask you to verify yourself by sending us BTC or altcoins

🔻 We will never offer you additional mining power outside of the game

🔻 We will never move to another domain/website and ask you to register there or change your existing password on a domain outside of https://rollercoin.com/ 

🔻 Our moderators and team members never write in a personal message that your account is suspected of cheating

🔻 We never write in a DM with the question if you have troubles with the game unless you asked us to

🔻 We never ask you to download any files or apps to “verify” your account

🔻 We will never ask you to turn off Two-Factor Authentication

Summing Up

Use the information from this blog as a reminder not to be scammed and deceived 🤝

In short terms, you should always remember:

DO NOT click on random links ❌

DO NOT send money off to anyone you don’t know ❌

DO NOT download random apps from unauthorized developers or apps impersonating RollerCoin ❌

PLAY ONLY on https://rollercoin.com/

USE Two-Factor Authentication ✅

SUBSCRIBE to our official social media only ✅

There is always a chance that those slimy tricksters will come up with new methods, but using these simple rules, you can always protect yourself 🛡️

Stay aware! Stay safe! Stay tuned!