What’s up, Rollers? 🐹

A lot of news these days, huh? But we’ve got more good stuff for you 😉 Fun events, celebrations, new miners, and a new game – isn’t that exciting?

Remember, that there is always more to come in RollerCoin! 🤩

And now let’s head to the fantastic news!🪄

Season IV: Easter Basket Hunt Summary

  • Celebrate Easter with the new wonderful event miners! 🧺
  • RollerCoin x Chainers: Meet the new minigame 🕹
  • RollerCoin x 8biticon: Get special 8bit miners! 🤍
  • Ancient Myths Community Case: Miners created by our community! 👍
  • New ban waves: Cheaters shall not pass! 🚫
  • Spring Cleaning: Bug fixes and everything! 🧹

Celebrate Easter with RollerCoin!

Easter is just around the corner! 🐣 Join the celebration of Easter Basket Hunt and fill in your baskets with the special Happy Easter and Fluffy-Miners! 💫

Limited to only 2100 pieces for the whole game, Fluffy-Miner will bring lots of power and the true Easter spirit to your mining room!

And the fun doesn’t end here! Follow our socials not to miss one more special event dedicated to Easter celebrations! 💛

RollerCoin x Chainers: Now in 3D!

New minigame🕹 is coming! We called it Enter The Chainers — the first 3D shoot ‘em up game in RollerCoin.

Now the Matrix has you, Roller. Find yourself in an arena shooting enemies, which become stronger with every level, and finish the boss in the end! 😎 Interesting game mechanics, growing complexity and good power bonus to celebrate your victory! 🏆

RollerCoin x 8biticon: JPEG Collectooor and 8bitminers

NFT became a huge part of the Crypto world, and of course RollerCoin couldn’t stand aside from it. By creating your own NFT collection you may not only make it your own treasure, but also get brand-new cool miners, dedicated to the collaboration with our friends from 8biticon! 🤝

Your new NFT avatars made with 8biticon are about to become an important part of RollerCoin economy, so grab yours now, and be among the first ones to find out all the privileges! 🤑

Ancient Myths Community Case

Are you brave enough to release old mighty demons and mythical creatures from this box? 👹 We sure you are!

Get one of the unique limited miners which are designed by our players! Each designer received a free copy of his mining machine 🎁 And the name of each creator is listed in miner’s description, so you can check their profiles 👀  

Hurry up, the amount of cases is limited to 10 000 pieces only 🧨

🤓 Here is the list of reward’s probability for the Ancient Myths Community Case:

MinerNamePowerRarityDrop chance
Golden Fleece500.000 Th/sLegendary1%
Mahakala120.000 Th/sEpic3,15%
The Minertaur100.000 Th/sEpic5,85%
The Black Pearl50.000 Th/sRare7,5%
Anubis45.000 Th/sRare9%
Ouroboros40.000 Th/sRare13,5%
Mictlan20.000 Th/sCommon15%
Khepri20.000 Th/sCommon15%
Cornucopia20.000 Th/sCommon15%
The Leyak20.000 Th/sCommon15%

A New Ban Wave is Here!

RollerCoin never tolerates unfair playing, and we are doing our best to take down every fraud damaging fair players and reducing their rewards 🚫

We made another Ban wave, busting almost 2000 bots and fake accounts, which allowed us to reduce the Network Power and make sure fair players will get rewarded as they should!

Spring Cleaning on RollerCoin

Spring is a Time of Renewal, isn’t it? 

We decided to give more love to outdated pages and info to make it more comfortable for our players, as well as provide more accurate information about the game 😊

The game hints and FAQ page are also reworked and updated to make them as useful and complete for our players as possible 🤓 Go and check them, maybe you will find some fresh clues ☝️

That’s all for today! Go ahead and grab everything we prepared for you, we sure you will live it, Rollers ❤️