Ahoy there, Rollers! ⚓️ 

Ever imagined yourself being cast away on an island, alone and desperate? 🏝

Would you just give up and let go 🤔 or would you do anything to survive?

Will you manage to make the island inhabited? Or shall Mr. Wilson remain your only friend? 

Challenge yourself in our new amazing Cast Away Referral Contest! 🥥

Conquer This Desert Island and Grab Amazing Prizes!

Conquering the island is actually pretty easy! You need to do the following steps to survive:

1. Invite as many referrals as you can in the game 🤩
2. Get to the 🔝 of Leaderboard;
3. Receive your super-prizes! 💰

We will update everyone on the leaderboard every Friday, so be sure to keep your eyes on our socials! 👀

What About Prizes?

Climb to the Top-100 of the Leaderboard to receive:

👉 A huge portion of crypto! 🤑
👉 Unique Mr. Wilson event miners 

Yes, you heard it right, the winners will receive their prizes paid in real crypto!

Check the winner’s places and the amount of their rewards right here 👇

Place in the LeaderboardReward in CryptoMr. Wilson Miners

All the rewards will be paid to winners’ personal crypto wallets using the crypto that they choose.

Referral System and Other Fixes 🛠

✉️ A lot of reports regarding referral commission delays have been sent to us recently, and our Hamsters worked day and night to ensure everything ran smoothly before the start of the Contest 👍

👉 No more delays in referral commission display 
👉 Fixed Lucky RLT Case Exploit
👉 Site performance improvements — now it’s going to work much faster!

Cheaters Shall Not Pass!

RollerCoin never tolerates unfair playing and every user creating fake referral accounts in order to win the Contest will be detected and permanently banned 🚫

Don’t wait any longer, check how to get more referrals here 👈 and climb on the top of the leaderboard right now! Good luck, Rollers!