Ola, Rollers! 🐹

We have traveled through space and time together in previous seasons, but now we are discovering the beauty of our homeland — Earth! 🌏

Today we invite you to Brazil 🇧🇷 but that won’t be a carnival tour.

We are getting you to the jungle, where amazing beauty and horrifying danger are waiting behind every tree! 😲

Get your tourist equipment and watch out! That thing hanging over there might be a snake — not a liana 🐍

Feel the Power of the Jungle!

Are you ready to discover the true treasure of the Amazon Jungles? Start a new exciting journey with Hamster-explorer and our special Brazil Weekly Offers 🤩

The true Jungle King and Dancing Queen are ready to bring the true Carnival vibes to your mining room and fill it with the wild power of Jungles! 🦜

A Special Gift for the True Jungle-Explorers!

You do not want a poisonous snake to fall on your head, Roller, doesn’t it? Our Snake Protector Hat is waiting for you in the Store to protect you during this thrilling adventure! 😉

WILD discounts!

This journey should bring both fun and profit! That is why we decided to make a huge sale! 🤑

Up to 70% discounts in the Store right now, so it’s your chance to get the miner you dreamed of for the lowest price ever! 👍

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Don’t wait any longer, Roller, start exploring the wild world of Brazilian Jungles right now! 🤩👇