Hey, Rollers! 🐹

Have you ever dreamed about creating your own unique mining machine? You dream may come true 🪄

We are launching a special Art Contest for our players! 💫 

Design your own, exclusive mining machine and watch your miner taking its place in the expansive collection of miners on RollerCoin! 🔥

Miners of the winners will be included in an exclusive Loot Box, which will go on sale with the start of Season IV ✨

Besides, the winners will receive:

👉 Free copy of the miner designed by you!

👉 Up to 10% of sales of your miner in RLT 🤑

Exact percent will depend on the quality of digital art, animations and miner rarity in the upcoming loot box.

There are some basic rules every participant needs to follow: 

Style matters!

There is a specified theme for our future Loot box and for all miners that participate in the Contest. This theme for this Art Contest is Ancient Myths

Old Gods of Asgard or twelve Olympians, mythical creatures of Ancient China and terrifying demons of India — you can choose any myth that inspires you, or maybe even share the myths of your culture with other Rollers through your mining machine! 

Design MUST be yours!

Please note, that you can not use any copyrighted materials to create your own design. For example: copyright protected illustrations, cartoons, animated films and assets from other games etc.

Non-compliance with this rule would lead to a permanent ban of your account and exclusion from participation in the Miners Art Contest.

How to draw?

Keep in mind that the resolution of the canvas matters!

Your miner must not exceed 58×25 pixels for 2-cell miners and 29×20 pixels for 1-cell miners, as shown above 👆

You can use any design software, such as: Adobe Photoshop or Aseprite, popular pixel art editor 👾

You should upload your picture in .png or .gif formats with transparency around your sprites 🔲

If you don’t know how to create your own design but have some cool ideas, we will guide you in our next blog post so be sure to check it out!

Animation for Advanced Level 📈

Want to make your miner even cooler? 

In our next blog post we will also describe how to make your mining machine animated!😲

Animation part is not mandatory, and you still can send us not animated design of your miner, but animation would be a great plus to your chances of winning 😉

You have great ideas but don’t have drawing skills?

It’s time to cooperate! Find someone who can do pixel art and create a unique miner together 🤝

The prizes for winners will be divided between each of the creators equally, so go ahead!

No time to wait, it’s time to create!

The contest starts on Thursday, Feb 3 and takes place for the next two weeks, until Friday 18.

Send us your pieces of art using THIS FORM

Good luck, Rollers, we are looking forward to your amazing designs!🐹